Does deleting a team member delete their logins in shared vaults.


We would like to delete some team members who are currently suspended. I was wondering:
If i delete a team member, will any data they have put in a shared vault be deleted also?
i.e. they are in a vault titled 'shopping passwords' seen by the rest of the team and managed by the administrators, The user has added to this vault the logins for ASDA. If I delete the user, will we also lose the logins for ASDA or will it remain?


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  • Lars
    1Password Alumni

    Welcome to the forum, @KimDelib! The difference between suspension and deletion is that suspensions can be indefinite, and easily reversible. Deletions are forever. If you delete a user, their data is gone for good from their Personal vault, but any vaults they had access to (including Shared) are unaffected, even if they were the person who originally put that data into those vaults. If any of these users are the ONLY member of a specific, user-created vault, then an Administrator or Owner would have to add themselves or another user to that vault in order to recover the data from it, but even in such a case that data would not be destroyed just because you deleted the user. Hope that helps! :)

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