Different vaults exclusive to different browsers

I just upgraded to v4 and love the multiple vault feature. I have a bit of a unique need to have different vaults for different browsers. Currently I use my personal vault for all of my browsing in Safari. At work we use Gmail for all of our email, calendar, etc… so I keep Chrome around and use that for all of my work related bookmarks. I prefer to keep them separate as it helps with organization. However, when I attempt to use multiple vaults it seems that the browser always defaults to the last used vault no matter the browser. I know I can switch vaults but I've already found myself making mistakes when saving sites and would prefer to have this alleviated programatically.

Before v4 I used Lastpass for all of my work stuff and would prefer to use 1Password exclusively, but is there anyway to force a browser extension to only use a specific vault? I would think this could be useful in other situations like families with each family member having their own vault. If not, is there a way to request an feature request for this?


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @McDunnough,

    Thanks so much for your feedback here! I agree, multiple vaults are a pretty cool feature and there are a lot more things that the development team wants to do with them. I'd be happy to pass along this feature request for you! It sounds like a great way to keep your work and personal Logins separate and easily accessible.

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