Unwanted picture sync with Dropbox

abundanceabundance Junior Member
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Since I installed the Beta version and connected it to my Dropbox to get the 1password file, my smartphone copies all pics and videos to my dropbox! My dropbox is full, I can't use it anymore and I don't know how to turn this function off!
Whenever I delete some of the pictures on my dropbox to make space, my smartphone syncs them again.
Why is that and how can I turn this unwanted feature off?


  • RichardPayneRichardPayne
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    There's an option in the main Dropbox app to turn Camera uploads on and off. Try setting that to off and then remove the unwanted content from Dropbox.

  • mverdemverde

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    Hi @abundance,

    @RichardPayne is correct. This is not a setting that is related to 1Password - in fact, we can't actually influence this setting. The setting is purely controlled by the Dropbox app itself. You can turn this off by launching the Dropbox app, tapping the overflow menu (three vertical dots at the right of the action bar), tapping settings, and then tapping on "Turn off Camera Upload". I hope that helps!

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