1Password as an IME?

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The new Android app is great. I love the new look and functionality.

That said, some apps I use disable pasting text into password fields. I'm not sure why they do this, but it's terrible. For the longest time Fidelity and GoBank both did this.

I was thinking, since input on Android is extensible, might it be possible to register 1Password as an IME? Then I could just switch to it in the password field, unlock and select the right password (it might be possible to auto-detect the right one from the active app similar to the web extension), and then enter the text directly into the field just like an on-screen keyboard would. As a bonus, other apps with access to the clipboard wouldn't be able to accidentally (or intentionally) peek at the password.

Probably not something for this release, but wanted to float the idea.


  • gtfarrellgtfarrell
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    This would be great. Especially for web browsing (unless a Chrome/Firefox extension is an option on Android?)

  • dave031dave031 Junior Member
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    +1 that I think this is a awesome idea!

  • saadsaad

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    Hey @kogir. That's a great idea. We are actually looking into integrating 1Password more with the Android OS. We had a couple of users with the same complaints about copying and pasting into some apps. Plugins for popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have come up. As well as taking advantage of notification center, and a keyboard/IMO implementation.

    I think your idea of having a 1Password input method is awesome. I will pass this on to our developers, thanks so much for the suggestion.

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