My 1Password is messed up accross multiple platforms... Can I start over?

I have a laundry list of issues happening right now. Can someone please help me?

  1. I can no longer access 1Password through dropbox on a browser. I get the following message each time, regardless of the browser, Chrome or Explorer: Problem loading 1Password data file

A key data file could not be loaded and 1PasswordAnywhere cannot continue without it.

Please see this help guide for troubleshooting tips.

  1. Previous to being unable to access 1Password via a browser (this only started recently), when I accessed 1Password via a browser, which I often have to do at work, only two logins/passwords were available, not the many I've setup in 1Password over the years.

  2. I recently bought a new IPhone 5S and restored all my apps from my old IPhone, including 1Password. When I tried to setup dropbox sync through my 1Password app and was asked at one point to input my dropbox password, it wouldn't accept the correct username/password. I'm certain the correct username and password were entered. I'm able to access dropbox directly but just not through 1Password

I've really liked 1Password up until recently, but this really stinks. I look forward to getting some help.


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