Only real complaint about 1password for android

Well, two:

1st is no multi-vault support, but I hear that's coming.

2nd (and the reason I opened this) is that on opening 1password, I see my favorites list, which is fine. But, to search my password list (which is way more common), I have to do the following clicks (after entering my master password):

  • Left arrow at the top
  • click 'categories'
  • click 'logins'
  • click magnifying glass for 'search'

Also, this search is not global, it only covers logins. If I really need a password and not a login, I have to traverse to that category instead.

Can we please get a global search with icon on the 'favorites' page?


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi Jay. Easier access to search and multiple vault support are two features our developers are currently considering. Thanks for your feedback! ll add your vote to these issues. :)

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