v3.8.22 - Thule.com Login AutoSubmit Issue

When hitting this URL:

I am unable to get AutoSubmit to work.

Tried the "Saving a Login Manually" following generally as I am using v3 of 1P for MacOS:

I assume you just have to relent and not use AutoSubmit in some cases?


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @Kurtois,

    It's true, some sites don't quite play nice with Auto-Submit. The one thing to check is that the Login is set up correctly to submit when enabled. You can see this in the item's details view.

    If the submit option is correctly set, then this might just be one of those cases where 1Password won't work quite perfectly. I can tell you that the new 1Password 5 extension is able to fill and submit this site correctly, but that might not be of much assistance to you, if you are unable to upgrade your operating system.

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