Why is my 1Password preference file 570mb??

What could possibly be in that file that would drive the size of this username and password database up to 570mb? Does it save a billboard graphic in there as well, just in case I need one? LOL It makes no sense and it's a huge file to toss into dropbox or transfer to my iPhone/Macbook or where ever. If it was 25mb I would even think that would be large for the type of data it is, but 570mb? That's just wrong. Please explain so I can understand why.


  • I really don't know the answer to your question, but it caused me to check the size of my 1Password folder within my local Dropbox folder. It's 5.9MB. Yours is 100 times bigger! I have a few attachments to my records, such as photos of my passport and the like.

    Have you ever emptied the trash inside 1Password?

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    Hi @LetsGetAnswers,

    That's definitely a huge file! Can you please clarify exactly which file you're referring to? An actual "preference" file (i.e. one that ends in .plist) should be very small as it only contains settings for 1Password, not your personal data. Are you talking about a .agilekeychain file in Dropbox?

    If you've added a lot of attachments to your items in 1Password, that could be one explanation for the large data file. Or if you've trashed a lot of items in 1Password but never emptied the 1Password Trash, that could also explain it. You can find "Trash" at the bottom of the left sidebar in the 1Password app - do you have a lot of items in there?

    It might also help us if you can let us know the version of 1Password you're using, as well as your version of Mac OS X. Thanks!

  • It's the 1Password file folder located in Application Support of my user library. 513.5MB is the actual size. It appears to be the backups which are causing the issue. 1Password has produced 50 - 9.1mb backup files. I assume that's the default settings in the preferences. I noticed that there is a setting for 10 backups at minimum. At least that would bring that folder size down to 91mb. That's a reasonable start! I'm still surprised that a database file could amount to even 9.1mb. Yes, I have a lot of login information but it's only text, not heavy pixel information. Is this normal? Are they encrypted? I'm sure your suggestion will be to set the back up to 10 and that's about as good as it gets? At least that's "better". I do run TimeMachine and ChronoSync so backups aren't a worry, I have many! (Lessons learned from the past!)
    Thank you for you quick response.

  • I have changed the back up to weekly and retain 10 copies. I have tossed out the older backups that went back to the middle of 2014. This has brought it down to 168.9mb . I don't have any images or scans saved in 1Password (although that's not a bad idea.. thanks HawkMoth). Is this now as good as it gets? Certainly better than half a Gig!

  • BTW.. I love this tool! 1Password has made my life so much easier! Thank you!!

  • Hi @LetsGetAnswers,

    I'm glad you found a way to tame the support files folder. I have to admit, I was confused for a moment as 1Password 4/5 doesn't allow you to alter how many backups are retained. Obviously it dawned on me once I took a peek at the 1Password 3 preferences :smile:

    Given you're using Time Machine and ChronoSync I can imagine 10 backups is plenty. Unless I'm mistaken you should be able to access backups already deleted from Time Machine by going backwards far enough in history (depending on available space for Time Machine of course).

    Just to let you know, I'm going to move this thread to our 1Password 3 section now we've established what version you're running.

    I hope 1Password continues to serve you well!

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