Trouble filling on in Safari on iOS using 1Password 5 extension

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    How about US Bank? I can't get the login or password to fill at either the full site-, or at the Mobile site-
    Again using iPhone.Copy and past works, but that is not the point of 1P.

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    Hello again (still?), @goorchid‌. :)

    I split your post about US Bank in to this separate thread so we can address it separately. I'd hate for it to get lost in the shuffle in the thread about Bank of America.

    It does appear that filling is not working on US Bank in Safari on iOS. I've reported this to the developers as well. Please keep the feedback coming. I'll be sure to update you with any news I have.

    ref: OPX-633

  • goorchidgoorchid Junior Member

    OK. Thanks.

  • @khad ,
    Is there an update on this issue. On the US Bank website, the username fills in without issue. I'm then directed to the password screen. 1password will fill in the password, but upon form submission I get an error stating that the password is not recognized.

    I have recreated my login in 1password for this site, but continue to experience the same issue. Please help!

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    Hello @letsmetzger,

    Thanks for following up on this issue.

    Could you share with us which version of 1Password you are using?

    We just had an update on the weekend and I wanted to see if you updated already :)

    With version 5.3 I am able to fill the username on the full US Bank site. Unfortunately I don't have an account here so all I can test is filling of the username. As for the mobile site, I cannot fill the username. I'm not exactly sure why as the mobile site fill fine when I fill it using 1Password for Mac. More investigation is needed to find out exactly why.

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