New Firefox 4 Install

I'm new to 1Password, and it seems to work well with IE8. However, I installed Firefox 4 and even tried reinstalling 1Password but the extension won't show up in Firefox.

Any suggestions on how to make sure the Firefox extensions is installed/configured properly?


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    HI PJ, welcome to the forums!

    That’s strange, it should show up. Did 1Password’s Preferences > Browsers show the correct version for Firefox and did you click the “Profiles” button to make sure that it is checked for all of your Profiles?

    Try to right click on the toolbar to select “Customize” and see if you can locate the 1Password button to drag to the toolbar:
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    Hey Mike!

    That was what I was missing. It works perfectly now, thanks!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    HI PJ,

    Thanks for the update, I’m glad that worked for you.
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