Translations needed! - for Bank Account (and other?) category icons

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We need some translations in your icon for Bank Accounts. It's not very British is it? ;-(

I know it's a super tiny request and seriously does not matter but it's the little things! Know what I mean?

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  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi @rctneil,

    Sorry for the delayed reply here. To make sure I understand correctly, you're suggesting that at least the Bank Accounts category icon be "localized" similar to text translations? That's an interesting idea and I'm happy to pass it along to our developers. Thanks!

  • cjbulowcjbulow Junior Member

    A +1 here for @rctneil point -- not everyone gets paid in US Dollars... :)

  • @sjk Yes, that is it really. I know it's extremely minor and doesn't add functionality but as I stated in my OP. It's the little touches and people do pick up on them!

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Thanks, @rctneil, and for your +1 as well, @cjbulow. All clear what you mean and why. :lol:

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