My bank ask me to fill in three characters eg 1st 3rd & 6th

Will I be able to select account & view details such as password so that I can enter the details myself in this case.
there is username, password, email address, pin and three question and answers for one bank account (NatWest)

1Password Version: N/A
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: Windows 8.1
Sync Type: dropbox
Referrer: kb:sync-options, kb:license-requirements, kb:create-multi-page-login, kb:change-passwords-without-pasting, kb:autosave-did-not-appear


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    Hi @nthompson0033,

    At the moment, you can't get all of these details via the extension but you can use the extension to open the item in the main 1Password program and you can grab that data there. Here's how:

    1. When you're on the site that is requesting this info, click on the 1Password icon, right-click on your Login item on top and select Open in 1Password
    2. If you have password concealment turned on, you can press and hold Control + R to reveal the password fields to grab the characters you need.

    We do want to make this a better experience in the future. Recently, we added a Large Type option on OS X that might help like this:

    We'd love to bring this over to Windows in the future.

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