Remove Lastpass icon

I tried Lastpass before deciding on 1Password
Can someone advise how I remove the annoying Lastpass icon from my tool bar.
I removed the programme but the icon remains

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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    edited November 2015

    Hi @stumper,

    Which browser are you using? Usually, programs cannot uninstall or even install browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and/or Opera. These have to be removed manually.

    1. For Chrome, just right-click on the icon to select Remove from Chrome.
    2. For Firefox, click on the Settings icon on top right to select Add-ons and remove LastPass from there.
    3. For Opera, right-click on the icon to select Manage extensions and click on 'x' next to LastPass
    4. For Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon on top right to select Manage add-ons and uninstall LastPass from there.

    You can find more information from LastPass's manual here:

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