Bug - Location (URL) inaccessable after old one is completely deleted / saved

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I deleted a location for a login password and then saved the item ( location field is empty). So now I have a Login with just a Title field. When I open the Login item for editing, I am unable to get access to the location field, and unable to paste or type anything into it. (Happened because the original location was for the User Account setup page, and I wanted to change it to the user login page).

(Forgive if this is reported elsewhere, but I tried to use the forum "Advanced Search" option to see if this had been reported, but was unable to get any hits on "location" in "forums", which seems strange to me... Could this be some sort of bug in the Forum software, or just pilot error :)

Version 3.1.3 (build 30645) / OSX 10.6.3 build 10D573



  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
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    Hi, Frank! I'm sorry for the trouble. I'm not able to reproduce this problem and I'm wondering if possibly you're just not clicking within the "target area" for the location/URL field? Please have a look at this quick screencast to see what I mean:

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