How to share vault(s) between work (Teams) and spouse (ind/family)


I currently have my work on teams (and are generally happy with it with over 12 users- Windows needs to get out of beta though!). Additionally, I have a personal license (no longer in use) and my wife also has a license to 1Password 6. We are OK creating a family account or individual account (SAAS) for her in order to gain functionality.

What I am trying to accomplish is:
i) to have a vault(s) that are exclusive to her and me (which cannot be accessed by anyone else in my company)
ii) vault(s) that are exclusive to her (cannot be accessed by anyone else)
iii) separate billing (i.e. she cannot join as a team member of my work)
iv) prevent access of shared work vaults to spouse (i.e. she can't join as a team member of work)
v) (optional) her ability to create vaults that she can share/collaborate with her colleagues on a limited basis [she consults for non-profits]

If this works, I expect others in my office will want to accomplish the same with other members of their households.

Additionally, we have one employee who also has a family account and a work account and would like to be able to sync (selectively) between the two (teams and family).

I can't find a way to make this work on my side and need some help. Thanks!

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    Hi @bodie602! Thanks for posting about this. I'd be happy to answer your questions and give some inspiration where inspiration thrives. :) The concept of having separate accounts connected to each other is a bit strange, but we can do this thanks to the 1Password apps. After installing them on your device, you can sign in to as many accounts as you'd like. One device can't have two members of the same family or team using it, but it can have a team account as well as a family one. So that's what I'd recommend here. It's what most of us at AgileBits do, and it's worked very well for me.

    How multiple accounts work with 1Password

    Depending on how long you've used 1Password, you may be acquainted with vaults. They are containers for your passwords and other data. Each vault is a separate container, and you can have unlimited vaults in a family or team account. Since they're unique, the family vaults are separate from the team ones. Here's what my vault menu looks like in 1Password for Mac:

    Each account's vaults are separated nicely. :) One account can't access another account's contents, but you can move things between them if you have export permissions. Your wife will not have access to your work vaults.

    Vaults for you and others for your wife

    As an admin or family organizer, you can create and share vaults with your wife. You can also make some exclusive to her. With a family account, you do have the ability to add yourself to any vault as a family organizer so that's something to keep in mind.

    her ability to create vaults that she can share/collaborate with her colleagues on a limited basis

    This is possible with guests, depending on what she's looking to do. Guests can access one vault; with a family account, you would also have access to that vault if you were an organizer.

    Share passwords and other items with guests

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have some more questions about the setup.

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