Ability to link apps manually

For the autofill behavior (which is really nice when it finds an app successfully), in the app you can see the linked apps, edit, and remove them. Is it possible to make it so you can add linked apps?
This could be a temporary workaround to the problem of finding the app. If the app is initially not found, but 1password asks you to save, you could save it, go to your vault, take the app signature, and paste it into the existing item.


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    Thanks @burn123. Indeed, the workaround you described will work for linking apps for now. We're currently looking into ways to improve this, and I'll pass the suggestion onto the team! :)

  • @peri Are you saying that this is already possible? I couldn't find a way to add an app signature

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    Sorry, @burn123, I misread your initial email. This isn't currently supported, but something we'll look into!

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    I love the idea! I see that there was no input on this forum post since last year, but this feature is still needed :smile:
    I have more that one app that uses the same credentials to login to it (mainly, all synology apps). Right now, 1Password only saved one of the apps to an entry, but can't seem to get the other apps to join in on the fun.

    Please consider this feature! Or at least, the ability to manually add the app by typing in the package name (i.e. "com.agilebits.onepassword").

    Thank you!

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    Likewise, thanks for the feedback, and the specific use case. :)

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