Dropbox: Is it okay to move the .ws.agile.1Password.settings file? [NO!]

I first installed the [font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]1Password.agilechain[/font] file directly in the Drobox folder, but later I moved it into a folder inside this generic folder. It seems it is syncing correctly, However, I noticed an invisible file, called [font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif].ws.agile.1Password.settings[/font], which has remained in the original location. 1Password is not complaining, but I feel uncomfortable with the situation and fear some day some conflict will arise. I assume it should seat next to the keychain file. Should I manually move it ?

Notice that this is an invisible file, but it is visible in the Dropbox web site.


  • OK, thanks.
  • bswinsbswins Agile Customer Care
    For everyone reading this thread, please do NOT move your .ws.agile.1Password.settings file. Read Stu's post for more details.
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