1Password: Get Your In-App Subscriptions Implemented Properly + Free 30 Days Explained Clearly

OK, I'm just a tad irritated with 1Password this morning. Here's why...

  • Previously a standalone customer.
  • Decided to support 1Password through their subscription model this time.
  • Website says $2.99USD/mo "Try It Free For 30 Days".
  • Install 1Password from the MAS on the 24th. Notice that the yearly membership listed in the store is a better deal.
  • In-App purchase only offers monthly plan. I ask 1Password over Twitter how to get the yearly. They explain that I need to select the monthly plan in-app and then manually change it inside my account on the App Store.
  • As clunky as this seemed, the option to change to a yearly was there. Selected. Done. Said my yearly began on June 24th, in 30 days.
  • This seemed correct as the website claims to try it free for 30 days.
  • Fast-forward to today (29th) and I get a email, "Your Receipt From Apple".
  • Receipt was charging me $4.99(CDN) + tax for a 30 day membership to 1Password. So I assume some kind of mistake.
  • I check my App Store account to make sure it still said yearly subscription and it did.
  • But I noticed it also said that it charged me for the first month, which for subscriptions, is supposed to be free????
  • I apply for refund. Refund processed instantly.
  • Check my App Store account again and everything has been cancelled.
  • Now I select the yearly subscription again and it processes it, effective date, May 29th, renews on May 29th next year.
  • So no free month at all I guess.

So, 1Password, your team needs to implement a proper subscription window with all the subscription options available in-app, like very other app out there that offers subscriptions. I know other apps offer changing your subscription to a different one later on through the App Store too, but when you initially sign up, you are offered ALL options, at least on the other apps I use.

Your implementation seems designed to purposely discourage the yearly membership by only showing only one option and making your customer base jump through a bunch of time wasting, unnecessary hoops to select anything else. And your "Try It Free For 30 Days" should have a loud and clear explanation of who gets that free 30 days, right on the pricing page.

Yes, I'm venting.

1Password Version: 7.01
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.13.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @DriverDon,

    You’re right: we did have an issue with the 30-day trial window not applying when subscribing through Apple. That has been fixed for any new accounts, but we don’t have any way of applying it retroactively in Apple’s billing system. If you’d like a trial (and we’d be happy to extend it for you a bit beyond 30 days considering the circumstances) please write to our team at [email protected] with a link to this thread: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/90927/ as well as your forum username: DriverDon. This will require switching to billing through us directly, where we have more control over that sort of thing. I do apologize for the trouble caused here.

    As for having the annual option available through Apple at sign-up... I’ll bring that idea up with the team again and see if we can’t do something about that.

    Again my apologies for the trouble.


  • @Ben Thank you for the reply.

    FYI: you do list it as an in-app purchase on the MAS page description for 1Password. In-App is exactly that, and not the convoluted process offered.

    I have already re-purchased the 1yr subscription through the App Store, after getting a cancellation/refund for the incorrectly charged first month, so I believe that is now a done deal.

    I'm just letting the trial go. Won't worry about it now for myself.

    I'm glad to hear that you have fixed the trial issue through the MAS, as I am sure many other people who signed up over the past few days were affected by not receiving the 30 day free trial.

    It just picked my @$$ because throwing in that "extra" charge for the first month, that's supposed to be free, before applying the yearly rate, multiplied by lots of people downloading that from the MAS, kind of looked like a shady cash grab, with the convoluted process offered by 1Password to even go on the yearly subscription.

    A lot of folks may not have even noticed it did this on their accounts. And I didn't notice any press releases about fixing the issue. ;)

    I've noticed a lot of people on the forums switching from standalone to paid. It's a good business for you guys. 1Password is a mature app now, get your team to show it by fixing up that in-app purchase issue. ;)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    edited May 2018

    We could just drop the MAS entirely. Would certainly save a lot of headaches. :) I’m kidding... mostly. But you’re right: there is room for improvement here, and hopefully we’ll be able to do that.

    (in all seriousness I was 100% kidding about dropping the MAS — that isn’t something we’re considering)


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