1Password has new gmail password, but iPhone asks me to sign in...how do i put same password in?

Hi, i do have 1Password on the iPhone, however, after writing down the new Generated Password for my Gmail Account, then on the iPhone, i made sure i manually entered the same generated password on my iPhone, however, it did 'not take'. Not sure what the issue was, so did it again, with the same thing i.e. could not sign in to Gmail on my iPhone. I thought it might be a 'sync issue to another device i.e. from the iMac Desktop to the iPhone, and that this would automatically happen by 1Password. Just don't know. So, rather than open the 1Password app on the iPhone...not wanting to make a mistake and 'get locked out of my Gmail Account, i thought it best to check in here! What should i do or how do i resolve this? Thanks. Nathan
PS i am have the latest mac update: 10.13.4 High Sierra on the iMac Desktop and iOS 11.4 for the iPhone 8 . I am not sure, but think the iCloud is doing the Sync. 1Password, i just checked, there are no updates at the moment.

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  • Hi, both the iPhone and iPad cannot access my Gmail after resetting a new password with 1Password. The Gmail on the iMac Desktop works fine with the new password with 1Password, but cannot access my Gmail on the iPhone and/or the iPad. I put in the same 1Password Regenerated Password as on the iMac Desktop into the iPhone Gmail Sign In location, but it does not accept this same 1Password. Why not?
    What to do?

    1Password Version: 7.04
    Extension Version: 4.7.1.
    OS Version: 10.13.5
    Sync Type: iCloud
    Referrer: forum-search:Issue signing into Gmail after resetting password with 1Password...iPhone and iPad cannot access

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    @nathan_w: I'm really not sure, or what to tell you. We don't operate Gmail or have any special insight into it. Since you say you're able to sign in on the computer, you may want to check that the whole password you have saved is being accepted there, and not being truncated. We occasionally see cases where one login, signup, or password change form will accept a password, but others won't. For example, I changed my bank password to be 64 characters long. This worked on their password change form, but their login form would only accept 40. So when I tried to sign in with the 64, it told me that was invalid. Turned out they were just ignoring the last 24 characters of the password when I changed it, so entering only the first 40 worked. It can be really difficult to pin down issues like that, but it's worth checking.

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    You seem to have posted the same thing in two different threads, so I've merged them.

  • Hi Brenty, Yes, Thankyou for the insight. Actually at one other website it stipulated it would only accept 16 characters, therefore had to adjust that password appropriately; put in 15. When in Gmail, i saw it said the minimum of 8, however there was no mention of only so many were to be accepted, therefore, i put it Regenerated at 50./7/7. It worked fine on my iMac Desktop. Was pleased about that, however, on the iPhone, it would accept what i had typed in the Notes app, then copied it from there and pasted it into Gmail at Sign In. It would not take several times and i couldn't figure out why. Well, it was that 3 mistakes on that long password were found, one at least of which is iPhon'es "habit" of changing the text itself i.e. suggestion of making a different word/text e.g. even changing a capital letter from a small letter. Anyway after that was corrected, it still never did take. Then i thought it was a sync problem with iCloud as i had made some changes a week ago, but the whole thing was solved when once entering the Master Formula for the 1Password, then went to: my1Password.com...opened up my account and went to the Gmail item in my vault, then copied and pasted the 50/7/7 password from there into the Gmail Sign in....and got the 1Password Verification Code accepted by the 1Password Authenticator then voila... it was accepted by Gmail and Gmail opened up right away. Still have to make a 1Password for Apple ID and the iCloud, but have to get an iCloud issue clarified first. Sure get anxious, confusing...the iPhone requires trickly maneuvers back and forth from thumb print to a broswer page and everything is timed short for my skills. The only way this got done was i went up to the local tech guy at a drug store where he sells Cell Phones, i explained it to him and he suggested some things and essentially he did it. Thank Goodness:))

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    Wow. That is quite a long chain of difficulties that let to the login issue. One thing I really take for granted in 1Password that can help is that it uses Secure Input for password fields. This is in place to prevent other apps from skimming passwords, but it also has the side effect of disabling autocorrect. Anyway, I'm impressed that you were able to sort of reverse-engineer all of that. And if my somewhat-vague description of my own adventures in this area helped a bit, I'm glad. :)

  • I am having a similar problem. Just got a 1password account. Had it create a self generated password for my gmail account (which is really my emich.edu account) and it won't work on my iphone. I've tried like 10 times, restarted my phone. It will not login on my iphone.

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    Hi @ChristineMoe! Welcome to the forum!

    Does the email password work on every other device?

    Also, is this the only password that doesn't work on your phone or do you have others that also don't work just on your phone?

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