1Password Business: Account stuck in "pending" status forever

I'm testing 1Password Business. I created a second account and want to give it access to the shared vault. I can't, because account is labeled as "Pending", even though the account is logged in, visited email conf activation link, and set up 1Password mac app. What gives?

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  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

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    Hi @lerxst0,

    As the original owner of the account you'll need to Confirm the user. This can be done by clicking on their name in the People list and using the Confirm button in the top part of the person detail page.

    The confirmation step is necessary as it's what actually adds the user to the Team Members group (an operation that we can't perform on your behalf due to the cryptography required). Any new users will start in the Pending state and you'll need to confirm the. You should have gotten an email specifying that you'll need to confirm them after they accepted the invitation.


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