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I switched to a new operator, my Huawei phone made me setup the phone like it was a new device..did not know that.
I restored all data via G Drive, but no 1password database, the software asks me to start trial period.
Unfortunately no backup... :-(

I purchased the licence abou 1 year ago, two questions:
1) how can I recover the licence?
2) is there any chance to recover 1password archive from somewhere in the phone?

thank you

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  • periperi

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    Hey @Andy9000. :)

    If you purchased 1Password for Android's Pro features through Google Play, you can indeed unlock them again. If you would like to unlock the Pro features on your Android device, you will need to install 1Password from the Play Store with the correct Google account selected. First, please uninstall 1Password and remember uninstalling means your 1Password data will be deleted from your device. Make sure you have successfully synced your data before uninstalling.

    Next, launch the Play Store and bring up the navigation drawer by sliding your finger from the left corner of the screen. You should see your account listed on the top, tap on it to change it to the correct account. Search for 1Password and then install it. Let me know if you are able to unlock the Pro features now.

    As to your second question, your data is only backed up to our servers automatically if you were using a account. It sounds like you were using the standalone version, though, which means you'll need to have synced your data. Do you recall if you were syncing using Dropbox, local storage, or a WLAN server with a Mac or PC?

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