I've followed your online guide to transfer data fm 1Password3 and iExplorer won't show the back-up!

followed your advice to get data from a back-up and iExplorer will no longer allow me to view back-ups on the computer in demo mode.
Paid for the full version (ouch! ££) and it still won't show previous back-ups of my iPhone held on the computer. 'Browse iTunes Back-ups'
The back-up was definitely done before downloading .... what should i do?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @JJ83: That isn't something we can help with. iExplorer is not our software. If there's a bug in it -- or in iTunes -- preventing it from viewing your iTunes backups, we can't resolve that. However, I do think it's more likely that you just don't have any iTunes backups, as tat's the only time I've been unable to view them. You should be able to confirm one way or another in iTunes itself, under Preferences > Devices. I have seen cases where something shows up in that list even when the files were deleted, so you may want to double check in Finder as well:


    If you don't have a suitable iTunes device backup (present, intact, and containing 1Password data), there will be no way to recover data from it though. :blush:

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