1Password v3.8.22 on desktop ios10.4 quitting on login

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1Password 3.8.22 on desktop ios10.4 is quitting on login:

It opens fine, I enter Master Password, and the application quits.

I need to upgrade my 1Password software, and I found how to do it on devices but NOT for Desktop.

Can someone please point me in the right direction so that I can hopefully retrieve my data? This issue started today with 1Password..

Thanks in advance - any insights very much appreciated!! :)

1Password Version: 3
Extension Version: .8.22
OS Version: OSX 10.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • I did try to "Check for Updates" but got the error "Check for Update failed with error: Could not understand response from server.

    Please try again later."

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    @bontelucci: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! 1Password for Mac version 3 will not run on an iOS device, and will not work well on any recent version of macOS either; it was created in 2009 and is compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion, and web browsers of that era. You can find more details in the announcement at the top of this forum category:

    1Password 3 legacy support information

    You also won't be able to update directly because 1) we've made changes to our update server in the past decade, and 2) it would be a paid upgrade and we don't want to "trick" anyone into installing something without knowing that. Can you tell me which version of macOS your Mac has? I'll be happy to go over any options with you.

  • Hi Brenty! Thank you for commenting. Yeah it had been working until recently. I recently upgraded to Mojave(?)We have iOS 10.4. My husband helped me sort it out:

    I backed up my keychain file in the library as instructed on one of these forums. Then trashed v3. Installed V7 but it wouldn’t recognize the keychain from V3. So then installed V4, opened it with the master password and key, and imported information from v3 keychain in library. Then finally re-exported all the information from v4 and imported into v7. And it’s all working! I am not sure if this was correct but it worked.. :D

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    @bontelucci: Ahh I see. It sounds like a bit of an ordeal, and I'm sorry for that, but indeed: as long as you now have all of your data in the new version, you should be all set. If you have any other questions though, don't hesitate to ask. We're here for you. :)

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    Also, one more thing just to note for others have issues, when I dragged V3 to the trash (from the dock) and installed V7, v3 vanished completely from the Application folder and the Trash. Which then lead us to install V4 so we could open the data and export a file that v7 could read (.1pif)

    When we rebuilt the file in V7, we chose More Options from the drop down that is headed with “Used 1Password before?” and chose “Rebuild from .1pif file...”(or something very similar).

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    Indeed, there are a few different "used 1Password before" options, so choosing one based on where you have your data is the way to go. Cheers! :)

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