Clicking Cmd + slash uses the wrong login all the time, how can I get the right login to be used?

Clicking Cmd + slash uses the wrong login all the time, how can I get the right login to be used?

So for example, as a web developer, I have a super admin account for websites, but also a normal user account to test things. 95% of the time I want to login as the super user. I go to a site, I hit Cmd + slash, and it logs me in as the normal user. I then have to logout, then click the 1Password icon to choose the login, rather than use Cmd + slash.

It seems to me 1Password is using the first one in the list in the dropdown. So I thought I could move the other one up, but I cant see how to do that.

Choosing it as a Favourite does not actually put it to the top in this drop down list.

So how can I choose which login to use when I use Cmd + slash?


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  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there, @amityweb! :)

    1Password looks for an exact FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) match, and if it finds only one, it will choose that login item. However, it never assumes if there are two equally strong matches.

    An exact match to the FQDN will be treated as stronger than the registered domain name. One FQDN and one registered domain match will see no prompt and always select the FQDN.

    You should see the 1Password mini appear if there are:
    1. Two or more FQDN matches
    2. No FQDN, and two or more registered domain matches

  • I dont understand the comments about exact match. I have multiple logins for the same site, so the all the logins will exactly match equally. So in that case, how can I tell 1Password which one to use as the default when using Cmd + shortcut?

  • I second @amityweb's request.

    I just want a way to indicate 'use this item by default on this site'. If I don't have to understand the 'why', that's fine.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @amityweb & @dpegan271,

    Let's use Google as an example, it's widespread and over the years I'm pretty sure they've changed things in relation to their sign-in page.

    So for Google the registered domain would be, anything after that would be the various levels of subdomains. Where you sign in though is on the subdomain (the FQDN for their Google accounts) but I believe in the past they used to serve the sign-in form off of so depending on how long you had been using 1Password and had Google accounts an older Login item may not reference the current

    So now let's say you have two Login items, one only references while the other references They will both match the registered domain name and thus can fill but one is an exact match while the other is only a partial match. In this scenario 1Password will always select the Login item without prompting as the two are not considered equal. If both items reference or then 1Password will prompt.

    If you access 1Password mini either by clicking the 1Password button in the browser toolbar or using the likes of ⌥⌘\ (keyboard equivalent to clicking the button) you would see two sections in 1Password 7, the first would be titled passwords whilst underneath the next section is titled related passwords. If the first section only has one entry this will always be used with the keyboard shortcut ⌘\, if there are two or more 1Password will always prompt. If there are no FQDN matches and only one related match it will always get used and if there are two or more (and still no FQDN matches) 1Password will always prompt.

    Flagging an item as a favourite only move it to the top of the list, it won't alter if 1Password prompts or not.

    Does that help clarify?

  • Yes, thank you. More precise URL matches are prioritized. This helps when you have slightly different login URLs for the same item.

    So suppose we modify it so that all 'same service' logins (I have 3 google accounts for example) have the same URL in 1P: I'm now in the second situation, where I'm always prompted. So a 1 click process has become a 3 click process. Lazy sounding, I know, but this adds up when you do it 100 times every day.

    @amityweb and I have primary logins which are used {30x} more than the others, so we'd like a way to say 'on this URL, this favorite is the one you should use by default with CMD+/.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    If there is one you want 1Password to use without prompting you could alway set that one to and the other two to only To access the others you would then want to use ⌥⌘\ which always brings up 1Password mini. It isn't quite how we intended the behaviour to work but it would allow you to manipulate the existing behaviour to suit your needs.

  • OK, I have just edited the URLs slightly like dpegan271 suggested, so my main one is exact, but the other one is not using a sub-domain I have on the other one, so its not exact, and now its the expected behaviour.


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    It's an unusual use of the FQDN matching behaviour but I'm glad it helps.

  • I have a slight variation on this problem I would love some help on. I use 1password for teams and my colleagues passwords are listed for the same URL but at the top of the list might be my colleagues login rather than mine. Now I thought I might be able to shift my login to the top by favouriting it but that doesn't have an effect on the order of the URLs are the same.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @ShawnDCallahan ,
    Marking a login as a Favorite should definitely put it in the top of the list, unless there are other logins with that URL that are marked as Favorites, in which case they will all be ordered alphabetically at the top.

    Can you please confirm that your login is the only favorite in that list? You should be able to differentiate by looking for a little star icon on the bottom right of the thumbnail of each login.

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