One Time Password used to fill regular "username" and "passwords" with 1Password 7.2 and Mojave



  • Greetings @jmart75,

    It will come in time but besides the actual fix that helps there were massive changes to how we were building and supplying cross platform code. We decided it was better to make the Mac team suffer through all the initial teething pains which is why it has updated filling code first. Hopefully all the stuff learned from the Mac side makes it easy for the Windows team to get everything in place.

    I don't know when it will happen but Windows will close the gap at some point. Hopefully it won't be too long but any predication I could make could be ludicrously wrong that it's better I don't try.

  • @littlebobbytables,

    No worries, I'm on a MacBook where I use that account the most so it isn't too bad having to wait for it on the PC side of things. I'm excited your team took the time to work on it at all since I'm sure it was a small group of people with the issue. No need to give a timeframe. We'll just keep bumping the thread from time to time to get updates if you guys don't mind.

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    I just tested and verified that the fix works as well (on macOS). Thank you!

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    @tommy_: Thanks for the update! Glad to hear it helped. :)

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    @jmart75: This should be fixed for you in 1Password for Mac version 7.2.4. But if you're still having trouble, be sure to let us know the browser and extension versions you're using in case there's some other interaction we need to look at.

    Oops! I just now saw you also posted a bit earlier on the previous page that this issue is resolved for you too. Carry on. :dizzy:

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#290

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    @jmart75: I can give you an update on Windows, since it's clear to me now that's what your most recent comment was about. We're currently testing version 7.3 in beta (we'd love to have you participate!) and are hoping to get that out to everyone as a stable release pretty soon.

    7.3 still has a slightly older filling "Brain" since it's been in development for so long, with a ton of big changes under the hood. So our priority is to finish that without introducing issues by trying to add more stuff at this point. 7.4 is what we're looking at for a new filling "Brain" and a bunch of smaller quality-of-life improvements with some of the more fundamental stuff out of the way. :)

  • @brenty, I need to learn to read the title of the thread 8-). I didn't realize this was mostly aimed at MacOS even though the title states that. Since I use both I figured it was for both. I guess a nested reply would have been less confusing but I don't know how to do that on this system. Quoting someone else's comment is probably the best option.

    I've been on the beta builds before so I don't mind switching over to that. If there's a specific 'Windows' thread for this issue let me know and I can start posting in there. Cheers

  • @littlebobbytables I can also confirm that macOS v7.2.4 is working as you indicated, thanks! :chuffed:

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    @jmart75: Well, as you can see, I got lost here for a minute too, not seeing your previous post. It happens. :) In case it helps in the future, just prepend > to a line to make it a quote, a la Markdown.

    Honestly, we should have the same filling "Brain" everywhere, and you shouldn't even need to get explanations like this from us. It wasn't possible at all in the past, but we're moving toward using the same filling engine everywhere. Problem right now is that there are different development schedules and not everything has the latest version. But we'll get there in time as things get smoothed out -- and we're not rebuilding a bunch of stuff in the new Windows app to deal with performance bottlenecks. :lol:

    But while the fix obviously still isn't deployed on Windows, the code is already written and it's just a matter of time before it's added to the Windows app. Generally I think it will be best going forward to discuss a filling issue in a single place, since we've got one team working on that so we don't have to reinvent the wheel on each platform. I'm just sorry that it's a bit more complicated in this case at this time.

    I'd love for you to hop on the Windows beta channel in general, and I'll also update this thread when we have an updated "Brain" there. :)

    ref: opw/opw#3543

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