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  • I've been using 1Password for a while now and just recently it stopped being able to suss out which login would go with the page I'm on. What used to happen is I'd get to a login page, then click 1Password, and I'd get the related login. However, now when I do that, I often will get blank results. But, if I then click on the vaults and click on the one I know it should be in, I'll find it. So, at least the login is still in there... but it's requiring more steps than it used to. Is this how it's supposed to be now? I use 1Password in both Chrome and Firefox. I'll put the Firefox info in the credentials below. Thank you.

    1Password Version: 7.3.657
    Extension Version:
    OS Version: Windows 10
    Sync Type: Not Provided

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    @arrowplane, could you check your All Vaults settings and make sure the vaults those items are supposed to be in are included in All Vaults? Choose 1Password > Settings in the main app, then click vaults. Look for then name of the vaults the items 1Password isn't finding are located in and make sure they're checked off. If they're not, check 'em, and try visiting that (those) site(s) again and see it it properly matches an item to the site now. :+1:

  • Hi, @bundtkate. Thanks for the reply. I had never looked in those settings before -- but I found that all vaults are checked.

    It's odd, because this just started happening recently and I know I have not changed any global settings.

  • @arrowplane does the issue happens when you have All Vaults selected? Login search runs inside currently selected Vault/Account/All Vaults. Imagine I have dropbox.com login in my vault Home, but my vault Work is currently active. It will not find login from vault Home.

  • Hi, @SergeyTheAgile. Thanks for taking the time here.

    I think I see what is going on. I use 1Password all day on many, many different sites. My guess is that there was a situation recently where I didn't find a login, so I searched into a particular vault through the browser extension. And from then on I was in single-vault mode or something? I just recreated the issue -- I had just logged into one client account (after searching for it's vault) and then tried logging into another -- but no results. I have to admit I had not noticed the search field at the top of the browser extension before -- or, rather, I had not noticed its label -- but I see now that it said "Search [Client Vault Name]." But if I click into the menu and click on "All Vaults" it now works as expected.

    @bundtkate , I think that this is the general direction you were headed in, too.

    Thanks again to both of you, I think I have figured out how to get back to the workflow I had before.

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    Ah, yep. That's it. 1Password's scope for matching/searching will be your current vault selection. If you have All Vaults, it will include results based on your settings (e.g. it will not include items in vaults you have explicitly hidden from the All Vaults view); if you have a specific vault/account selected, it will show results only from that. Anyway, I'm sorry for the confusion there, but it sounds like you're all set now. We're here if you need us though. :)

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