some questions before joining 7.2 beta


I would really like to help get the new mini right, but just want to check some things first:

1] As this is only a "mini" update, is there a risk I could lose existing login entries?
2] Is there an alternative way to save new login entries in case the mini beta doesn't do it?


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    Hi @JamesHenderson ,

    The updates are to the mini interface, but mini is just one way of looking at your data, and not a separate container for it. It's all saved to the same local database whether edited in mini or the main application window. However, the risk to losing existing data is not really different than in a release version. We put the same care to prevent data loss as we would in a release version.

    You can always create login items manually in the main window, but I don't think there's a risk to avoid here. Creating it via mini is just as safe as anywhere else. Once it has saved, it will be encrypted and protected. And of course, your items are backed up regularly for an extra safety net.


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