1password keeps asking me to to save password

1password keeps asking me to to save password. Any advice


  • mverdemverde

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    Hi @Yazeedalmohsen and welcome to the 1Password support forums!

    I'd be happy to try to help you in any way that I can. In order to do so, could you help me understand what kind of app this is and what is being displayed on the screen? This will help me understand whether 1Password should be detecting this as something fillable. If it is something that should generally be treated as fillable, are you looking for a way to manually exclude specific apps?

  • Hi @mverde.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my issue

    It always shows when I use banking app. It's called alinma Bank

    Also shows when i use Samsung features like select lock type


  • mverdemverde

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    @Yazeedalmohsen am I correct in understanding that you'd like to exclude your banking app because you prefer to type that in yourself and don't want to be prompted each time you do? Or is there another reason you don't want to use Autofill to sign in to that particular app?

    In the case of selecting the lock screen in the Settings app, there is a system-supported way for developers to exclude fields from Autofill by setting their importantForAutofill attributes to "no". 1Password doesn't prompt for Autofill in the Settings app on Pixel devices because that attribute is set correctly in that case. While having the ability to exclude the Settings app in 1Password would allow you to avoid this issue, it would also mean that you're not able to fill in credentials in other areas of the Settings app where it might be relevant. In this particular case, I would recommend reaching out to Samsung support about this issue.

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