1Password X and Desktop App BETA Integration on PC?

Hello! Just curious about the roadmap for app/extension integration BETAs on PC now that you have them on Macs?

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  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Hi @pilotboy172! That's a good question. We're still ironing out some kinks on the macOS side of things, and I'd expect us to begin working on Windows once we've got those resolved. As far as a timeline goes, I wouldn't be able to provide even an accurate estimate since it's hard to tell how long the remaining issues will take along with what else we'll come across while we're still testing. Be patient with us, and keep checking back! :chuffed:

  • Yep can't wait till this is available on Windows

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    We all can't wait!
    Hopefully this will happen soon enough. :chuffed:

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    I want this, too! 🙂

    I have no ETA or dates to share but I will say that this feature is at the forefronts of our minds. I'd hope you'll be able to test this in a beta before the end of (North American) summer, but summer is disappearing fast! So it may be the fall before you are able to play. Either way, we're working on it and hope to be able to share more soon.

    Thank you for reminding us how awesome this feature is and to keep us moving forward on it. 😘


  • I'm really looking forward to this too! 1password x is just so much more beautiful and user friendly to use in-browser than the old extension :p

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    That's lovely to hear, @TheDoctor40! I'm glad to know you're excited as well. ❤️

  • Here it is October. Any update on this? Will we see this beta feature in 2019?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hey @chumsky.

    We don't have any sort of a timeline to share. We're just as anxious and excited as anyone else to have it though. :)


  • I'm hanging out for when I can integrate with Windows 1Password app on my work notebook, and then use it standalone in my Linux browser at home :)

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for letting us know! :+1::)

  • with all the delays and no timelines, it's crazy that it's looking like it'll be at least a year between this feature going into beta for osx and going to beta for windows, didn't know 1password thinks of windows customers as lesser valued than mac customers, will have to take that into consideration in the future

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @gord ,
    1Password originally started in Apple's ecosystem over a decade ago as a Mac app, then an iPhone app and from there it evolved and expanded to other platforms. There are quite a few differences between the Mac app and the Windows app, which we are currently working on. Our goal now is to make 1Password identical on all platforms, but it takes time since the operating systems are so different, there are a lot of obstacles in the way.

    Once we achieve that unified version on all platforms, future features will always be released simultaneously and no app will be left behind due to the platform it is on. We all hope this will happen soon, but we never share dates or deadlines since we rather work and have a finished product than a rushed version just to keep our deadline and word :)

  • Second class customers who pay the same price until further notice, without any transparency on when this will end, 👌 got it. could be next year, could be the year after, who knows

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @gord,
    As I mentioned earlier, we're working on making the 1Password experience identical on all platforms, which will take a bit of time, and no I do not have a timeline or deadline to share so we all can just sit back and enjoy the ride for now :)

    If there's anything I can help you with until that happens, please do let me know, I'll be happy to help.

  • bump because someone has to.
    two(ish) months later, 1password still doesn't care about windows users. 307 days later still no mentions on the horizon.

    the windows client hasn't gotten a big release since the start of 2019 either.

    i really don't want to be the bad guy about this, but the complete lack of communication and the fact that it's obvious that windows users are left behind yet pay the same makes this a hard pill to swallow.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Thanks for the bump. 👊🏼 You’re right, it would have been awesome to ship this by now. I want this feature as well! 🙂

    The Desktop App Integration feature was added to the beta on the Mac side at the beginning of the year and I had hoped it would have been shipped to stable on Mac and Windows by now. We all did. It’s been a challenge handling all the use cases and the various challenges they create, and that’s kept this feature in beta ever since.

    In addition to simply having a hard feature to implement, there’s been a lot of internal changes since the first beta that have delayed us. While this is disappointing in some ways, ultimately these changes are setting things up so we’ll be able to ship a better feature for everyone.

    Our recent 1Password X 1.17 release included some really cool changes under the hood for how we write code and it allowed us to make things much faster overall. It’s also laying the ground work to allow us to share code across Mac, Windows, and 1Password X itself.

    Interestingly enough, we just concluded a Desktop App Integration coding conference where we spent the week redesigning things to make this feature more robust. While I’m excited about what we accomplished, it will be quite some time before we’re able to roll things out as parts of our planned improvements go quite deep and will require time to get right.

    I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you yet. I’m hoping I’ll be able to share more in the not too distant future. 🙏🏼

    Take care,


  • @dteare
    Another 2 months has passed, is there anything you can share with Window users? It feels like Windows is an abandoned child, I know you are mostly Mac company, but given how the company success and recent funding, wouldn't it be wise to hire more Window Developers? I'm not sure how many are working right now, but Windows feel dead to me. I've skipped it and just use 1password X nowadays.

    For hardware authentication, rather than focusing and "perfecting" Desktop integration, isn't it better to use standard web APIs to talk to these hardware authenticators (Yubikeys, Touch ID, Windows Hello, fingerprint readers etc)? WebAuthN is a standard and also supported by all major browsers. You'll have one API to use, to support all these new features. I think it's a low hanging fruit, given that it's a cross-platform way to support hardware authenticators.

    You already support it in your website portal, what's stopping you from using the same code in your 1Password X, extension?

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @chrisss,

    A lot is happening right now behind the scenes and our company is growing every day, with new and talented people joining. We're working on some big things which held off both Windows and Mac a little bit, so don't feel like we have a grudge against Windows ;)

    Hopefully we will be able to reveal or even release big updates in the near future with you and everyone else. Your suggestions are great and some of them are already on the to-do list.

    Thank you for checking up on us every now and then, it is highly appreciated!

  • @Yaron thanks for the encouragement, do you have a timeline to share? Agilebits have been telling us that (it will come), for years, I held off switching to Windows because of that broken promise. I wish I had moved sooner, instead of paying Apple tax. We were asking for windows hello support, you guys reverted back to your win32 app, which looks ancient. And years after, it still looks ancient and nothing in the app looks or feels polished. I'm glad you made 1password X, that's literally the only reason why I'm sticking to 1password. But with this regression, it's not making it easier for me to stick with 1password. I hope you fix it soon. I'm paying for functionality, not for headaches.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @chrisss ,
    Thanks for the followup and detailed reply.

    As you probably noticed, we're not one of these companies that declare deadlines or release dates, but rather a "we'll get it done right and then release" kind of company :)
    I can share that there is a lot of work being made on making all of our apps and clients identical (both in the UI and in their core), which means a lot of great things, especially for Windows users. I wish I could fast forward time because I'm just as anxious as you to see the Windows app getting a major overhaul!

    Regarding the regression - the good news is that we brought this up with our devs and they're taking a second look at it. There's a good chance this will be fixed in the next couple of updates, so stay tuned and feel free to keep us on our toes!

  • I just want to note that thanks to 1password, still, not caring about windows users i've been forced back out of 1passwordX and back onto the old 1password extension that uses the 1password app

    It's been truely horrible, it's horrific. It's laggy, it barely functions and frankly, it's ugly.

    1password is fast becoming the least attractive option for me and my company. empty promises that lead nowhere do not help

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    edited April 2020

    Hey @gord,
    1Password 7 for Windows just got several big updates these last few months, not sure why you're still feeling left out. Advancements are being made every day.

    As for 1Password X not working properly for you - we'll be glad to help you with it. Being laggy is certainly not a feature but a specific issue that can probably be resolved on your setup. The vast majority of our 1Password X users are quite happy with it, how it works and how it looks, but if you don't like it as a personal opinion, that's OK. :tongue:

    In case you do want to try and resolve the issues you are experiencing with 1Password X, please email us all the details to [email protected]

  • You misunderstand. 1password X works well and looks good, but does not have the feature set of 1password desktop. Whick was solved on osx, but not Windows. Which is the entire subject of this thread.

    Which means I've been using 1passwords old desktop app integrated extension which is horrible, laggy, looks terrible and barely works. I would love to not use it but agilebits do not seem interested in supporting the windows platform to the same degree as osx. I wonder how many years it will be of promises.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    Thanks for the feedback, @gord. I'm really glad that you're passionate about this, and quite frankly, so am I. That said, I'm afraid we aren't going to have much else to say other than what we've already mentioned in this thread. While we continue to work on 1Password X, I'd suggest checking out the 1Password for Windows changelog, like Yaron mentioned. The Windows team has been working on some great new features. If we do have any updates to share with you in regards to integration between 1Password X and 1Password for Windows in the future, we'll be sure to comment here.

  • I just purchased a new fingerprint reader for my Windows 10, Surface Pro 3, computer thinking it would work in my 1 Password X. To my great surprise I discovered not only does Windows Hello NOT work but this feature has been requested frequently by many folks. Hence I find myself in this corner of the AgileBits forum begging for Windows Hello in 1 Password X like many other Windows users. So, please add my name to the beggars list unfortunately.

    It works great in 1 Password and in logging into my computer. And on the iPhone 11 facial recognition is also great. However, Windows Hello in 1 Password X is unfortunately and curiously missing. Unfortunately I rarely use 1 Password App because most of my work is done online.

    So a simple question: Are you able to offer any positive remark about the gestation of this feature for 1Password X?

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @break80 ,

    The reason 1Password X does not support Windows Hello is because 1Password X is an extension and not a native Windows app. It lives in your browser and is limited by the browser's strict rules and APIs. The browser does not allow extensions to connect to such system resources like Windows Hello. The desktop app of 1Password 7 is indeed able to use Windows' API and access Windows Hello, which is why 1Password X first needs to be able to connect to the desktop app of 1Password if we want Windows Hello support there.

    There are quite a few technical obstacles that we need to overcome to make this happen on Windows. While we do not have a timeline or an estimated deadline for this, you should know that we're working on some big things currently that will open the door for a better, safer and easier implementation of this feature.

    We are all very eager to get our hands on Windows Hello in 1Password X, believe you me, but these things do take time (longer than we've planned initially, yes), so please bear with us. It won't happen next month, and not in the next few months even, but keep your apps up to date and make sure you're getting our newsletter for big announcements.

    Thank you for being so passionate about 1Password, that is why we love being here!

  • Chrome can integrate with Windows Hello :) I use 1Password as I have a11y issues with PCs so being able to gaze at my system to unlock stuff is really useful. I use 1Password because I tried 2 other well known password managers (Da/La) and they were useless on lots of sites at doing what they are supposed to do - filling in passwords. 1P fills in passwords great, love the 2FA integration, but my MEGA gripe is the fact that the desktop integration extension is absolute pants, and 1Password X needs to be unlocked with my really long master password every time I shut my browser down. It is bad enough that I would consider alternative password managers :(

    PLEASE do something! Pretty please :+1:

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @LandRocket ,

    As written all over this discussion, we ARE doing something. A lot of things actually. It will just take time, but eventually this will be possible :)

  • Ah, glad I found this thread, hope it's coming soon. Having to unlock everything twice is a major hastle.

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