What does a red badge with the number "1" mean?

When I use Safari with 1Password, occasionally I'll see a small red badge on the icon, with the number '1' in it.

What does that mean?


  • Steven,
    I use FF however also noticed a little red badge on the 1PW key icon 2 days ago. When I clicked on the red badge, it told me that there's a problem with 1 PW and to do some troubleshooting as 1PW was no longer configured correctly and wasn't "connected" - (that wasn't exactly true since I had been using it in spite of the red badge).

    However, if you click on that red maker it will give you some troubleshooting steps to follow and since you're using Safari it should be easy....if it doesn't work you have the option of sending a diagnostic report tothem. I ddin't need to do so, in my floundering around with the troubleshooting steps, the red mark magically disappeared 2 days ago and hasn't reappeared.

    Maybe that's similar to your issue????
  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot
    tuni12 is correct.

    Usually for me it shows up after the extension has updated itself (Safari). Usually all that is needed is to open the main 1Password app and allow the extension and the app to sync the data.

    If you still have the icon after doing this and you have quit and restarted the browser. Do submit the troubleshooting report.
  • MartySMartyS AgileBits Customer Care (retired)
    The "badge" (a number in a red circle) in Safari, and a triangle in Firefox or Google Chrome, on the 1Password key icon is meant to bring to your attention that it is having some kind of issue, or has a notification to share.

    It can be issues with communicating with the background Helper process and other things as well. As our esteemed "Lead Musher" mentioned, there is a browser-based "Troubleshooting Report" that summarizes what the significant issues likely are.

    To reenforce the badge's importance, whenever you cause the 1Password's popover window to appear there is also an alert triangle shown in its sidebar — click it to generate the "Troubleshooting Report".

    While you can quite often continue using the extension while it is badged, in almost every case you will be unsuccessful in having newly added or revised items be shared between the extension and the main 1Password application. The sooner the root cause(s) are addressed, the quicker everything looks and behaves the way that you would expect.
  • stevenjkleinstevenjklein Junior Member
    In my case, the red badge disappears as soon as I clicked on the 1Password icon in my Safari Toolbar. There have been several updates in the last few days, so it makes sense that it's an extension/app disconnect. My guess is that it showed up when the app quit itself during the update process.

    And the reason it's gone as soon as I click on it is that the updated app has relaunched itself, and so the 'problem' has already been fixed.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Yeah, we were just discussing this the other day. It will "blink" or "flash" on when first loading since there is a moment where the connection is establishing. This can lead to confusion, so we are looking at ways to make this not so "false-positive-y". :)
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