How To: Sync 1Password between iPad and Mac

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I'm at a loss with the lack of help Apple provides for this thing. I need to ask what iPad app do I need to buy to sync 1Password with my computers running Snow Leopard, and if I go to Lion what app do I need then


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    You don't need to BUY anything, except 1PW for computers and iPad.

    You can do all syncing(multiple computers and iPad) using Dropbox, which is free, or you can sync a computer and iPad via wifi without anything else.

    There is an issue of whether to get 1PW from Agile or via the App Store, there are pros and cons for each.
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    iPhone/iPad version:

    I personally would go with the 1Password Pro app from the iTunes store it runs on the iPad and the iPhone. Its cheaper to go this route rather than buy a iPhone version and an iPad version Very useful if you will ever have both.

    If you never plan on an iPhone you can go with the iPad version

    The iPad version only works on the iPad

    The 1Password Pro version works on both the iPad and the iPhone. Its a universal app (works on both devices)

    Mac version :

    The current version of 1Password if you have a copy for SL also works on Lion.

    The MAS version is Lion only.

    Currently they are functionally the same app.

    If you purchase the MAS version of 1Password then you will get a free upgrade to version 4 when it is released. But hurry there is currently a sale on it for 40% off actually all the apps in all the Stores.

    Its is currently planned on 1P 4 to be distributed via the MAS but no firm decision has been made on that.
    Personally If I hade to buy a version it would be a slim toss up. I think based upon the teams remarks I would go with the MAS. If I had a preference of where to get 1Password I would choose the Agilebits aka 1Password store. I have some personal reservations about the MAS, mainly in regard to 1Password. Those issues don't really translate to any other MAS app which I am entirely happy with using.

    For ease of Install the MAS is super but being a power user I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty.

    ps. I think the sale ends tonight. If I am not mistaken
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    1Password Pro (for all your iOS devices)
    1Password for Mac (or 1Password for Windows if you have any special dietary restrictions)


    Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox

    Please let me know if you need any "cooking" tips. :D

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    To directly respond to this subject. I was able to sync my iPad ver. of 1Password with my desktop Mac by following the clear instructions at http://help.agilebit...c_manually.html . While sitting in front of my Mac with my iPad in my hands the software damn near synced the two devices all by itself.

    All I had to do was key in the magic letters and it was all over.

    Amazingly good job Agile. You continue to impress. I now have 1Password on my Mac, my iPad and my PC laptop. Now if only you had a version for Blackberry PB and Linux all my systems could be Agileicious!

    Thank you for such great software.

    Tom C.
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    Thanks for letting us know, Tom! That is great news, and we appreciate the kind words. :)

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we also offer a method of syncing that is fully automatic (as opposed to having to manually open 1Password on your devices and your Mac at the same time). It does not require you to even be near your computer, and is our recommended method of securely syncing.

    With Dropbox syncing, you can keep 1Password up to date from across town or across the country — anywhere you have an Internet connection. You Mac doesn't even have to be turned on!

    Check it out if you are interested. It is more robust and just as secure as Wi-Fi syncing. :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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