1PWX integration with Firefox remember history options

Hi all, new user here. So far I'm liking and enjoying 1Password quite a bit, but have noticed two quirks that are bugging me with 1PWX and the remember history option within Firexfox (v80.0.1).

  1. If I clear my history like below, the following settings within 1PWX will get disabled.
  • for check for vulnerable passwords
  • make 1PW the default password manager
  • enable Watchtower alerts

I've repeated this process numerous times by enabling them and then clearing browser history as below, and they will get disabled again.

  1. The other quirk is that if I go into Firefox and set the history option to 'Never remember history' it seems to completely disable 1PWX in the browser. The 1PWX icon will show locked and clicking on it does nothing and I can't unlock it. Disabling and uninstalling the plugin and then re-installing the plugin does not fix it. The only way I've resolved this is by doing a Firefox refresh and setting the browser back to defaults which put's me back into my original problem.

It would appear that 1PWX has some dependency on 'remembering history' within the browser. Maybe it's by design, but since it appears to need remember history enabled, if I clear my history, I need to re-enable the 3 options above. :'(

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  • No takers on this one? :p Can anyone else replicate this for me?

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

    Team Member
    edited September 12

    Heyy @moonpup. Welcome to the forum. :smile: 1Password X does make use of local storage in your browser, so clearing that out will wipe your preferences. And yes, I'm afraid currently you can't turn on "Never remember history" without breaking 1Password X. In that mode, extensions can't access the local database, which 1Password X relies on in order to function properly.

  • Hi @ag_michaelc appreciate the reply! So apparently it is by design and a 'quirk' I guess I just have to deal with. Thanks for the explanation.

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

    Team Member
    edited September 12

    You're very welcome, @moonpup. :smile: Glad I could clarify things for you.

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