Separate password to unlock after browser restart / auto-lock

I'm using a long and very secure passphrase for my 1Password account. However, this makes unlocking the vault in the FF extension e.g. after a browser restart (or after autolock if enabled) very annoying, since I now have to type that long passphrase again - and there isn't even an option to not mask the input, so if I make a type, I have to start from scratch.

Please either add an option to unmask the user input, or let people define a separate password/PIN to unlock (similar to how you can use your fingerprint to unlock the android app) while already being logged-in.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @ThiefMaster!

    1Password must be unlocked with your Master Password, so I don't believe we even have plans to allow unlocking it with something weaker. However, we are working to make sure 1Password X can be unlocked with biometrics like the desktop and mobile apps ;)

  • Doesn't this lower security in the end? I don't know how it's architectured, but assuming some kind of session token is kept after logging in with secret key + master password, allowing a (weaker) password to unlock that session would ensure that:

    • an attacker (no secret key and no active session) cannot use an "easy to enter" password to get access
    • a legitimate user does not need to enter a high-value password that often
    • enabling auto-lock is less annoying because again, you can enter a password that's quick and easy to type after auto-lock-
  • ag_anaag_ana

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    The exact implementation would depend on the platform, but you can see the security details of biometrics unlock here (in this case, for Face ID on iOS):

    About Face ID security in 1Password for iOS

    So as you can see, your data is still protected by your Master Password, even if biometrics is enabled.

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