Easier summoning of 1password when login fields aren't automatically detected.

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So this has been something that I've been unhappy about for years, and hoped that it might improve at some point, but the situation is still the same.

When everything "just works" it's great, but as soon as it doesn't automatically detect that you're in a field that should be filled, for example in some applications, the UX is really painful.

The only way I've found to force 1password to fill something it hasn't detected is to enable the 1password keyboard (which I think I remember was supposed to be deprecated/removed?).

Then you have to long-press the space bar and select the keyboard which for some bizarre reason is just named "%s" (another red flag that this isn't something that's supposed to be used?).

Then you have to long press the lock symbol.

Then switch back to gboard.

All that just to summon 1password!

I feel like I must be missing something here..

I'm guessing it's still impossible to integrate with gboard.. but there must be something better than the current situation. Off the top of my head, a persistent notification that you could click on would be better than the current option. Maybe android 12 gives a new more native option?

I know we want the app to work automatically with everything, and fixes can be made whenever an unruly app pops up.. but there will always be apps that don't work and obscure apps that not many people use. I feel like this user journey could really do with a revisit and bit of UX love.

Maybe I'm missing some complexity.. without using the custom keyboard there's no way to actually fill the content as 1password doesn't "understand" the form so needs to use to explicitly ask for the username to be filled and then the password to be filled with the cursor in the correct field, which can't be done on gboard? gboard fanciness only works with browser autofill?

Maybe after launching "manual 1password" there could just be 2 floating buttons on screen to fill the relevant detail and an "X" to dismiss? This seems like a good solution rather than trying to force everything to be in keyboard land.

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  • johtsojohtso
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    I've figured out something that works in some cases..

    Sometimes you can long press in a field and trigger auto-fill from the menu.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @johtso thanks for reaching out to us and sharing these suggestions!

    Long pressing to force Autofill is always worth trying if you don't see the prompt from 1Password. Another option to fill where Autofill is blocked is to use split screen mode to drag and drop your credentials: Drag and drop to fill in other apps

    To clarify, with Autofill enabled are you never seeing prompts from 1Password to fill and save or just for specific apps and websites?

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