Delay adding accounts after update and for autofill after unlocking

The most recent (b80800143), and several previous updates, removed additional accounts other than the primary from the list. After signing into one (not presented in the list of available accounts), the rest suddenly came back to the account list, but not signed in, and not in the account menu. In the past I've had to re-add all secondary accounts (20) from scratch (full set of URL, key and credentials). When unlocking the accounts, the password field does not activate after using quick search to get the password, and tab does not reactivate it.

There has been (in v8) a tremendous delay after unlocking before the Safari or Chrome extensions start working for login presentation or autofill.

Generally the 1Password 8 macOS Desktop app is incredibly buggy and feature incomplete:

Search is broken (as documented in many threads),
Can't set default vault, or adjust visible vaults,
Can't rearrange field order (as documented in many threads),
No import (web import is not appreciated),
Quits frequently,

1Password Version: 8.8 (80800143)
Extension Version: 2.3.3
OS Version: macOS 12.5b3


  • extensioncordextensioncord
    Community Member

    Oh, and if you select an account in the list, it doesn't just show the contents of those vaults, only opens/closes the vault list for that account. If you use the view menu to select the account, the expected behavior happens, but that only works for the first 9 accounts.

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