Cannot sign into web browser

My wife recently got a 1password account. We are really stuck here so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Below are the sequence of events that got her into this situation:

1) After starting a new subscription with 1password, she first logged in with her key and set a simple password for the account. She did all of this on her cell phone on the app.
2) Prior to ever signing in on the browser or chrome extension, she decided to change master password on the app on her phone to make it something more difficult. She changed this password BEFORE trying to ever sign into the 1password browser.
3) She then goes to the browser to login for the first time using her security key and the new password she just changed it to. The browser says password incorrect and is not recognizing the key because she'd never logged on the browser prior to changing the password.
4) She then tried the original password (the simple one she set prior to changing it to the more tricky password) and still says it is incorrect and is unable to login to the browser / chrome extensions / desktop app.
5) So the only 1password she can access is the app on her phone and nothing else. If she goes into her account on the cellphone app and tries to change the account password, THE APP FREEZES AND DOES NOT LET HER CHANGE THE PASSWORD.
6) We have not tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling because we are afraid she wont be able to get back into the cell phone app and therefore would be locked out of everything.

She has now been paying for 2 months of 1password and cannot access it on anything but her phone. PLEASE someone advise on how to resolve this issue!

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser:_ Chrome


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