Feature Request: Option to toggle filling animation [added in 3.9.11b2]

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While I am sure that the addition of the fill animations in the Safari extension are useful visual indicators for some users, I find them to be a hinderance. To me, and I assume to many others, a major benefit of the 1Password automatic fill process is speed. While the visual cues are helpful for some they add unwelcome delays and just slow down my workflows.

Please add an option to disable the fill animation in the Safari browser extension.


  • Is there some way to disable animated form filling in Safari?

  • akpudakpud Junior Member

    Agree - it's silly! Can it be disabled?

  • charlie98charlie98 Member

    time and money was spent developing this feature. surely a high-tech company wouldn't be so foolish as to develop something that's just plain silly?

  • akpudakpud Junior Member

    Surely not!

  • I agree.

  • I agree that this is very irritating. Needlessly slows down the form-filling process.

  • I find that this feature is slightly buggy - Instead of all form elements doing the dance demonstrated in the blog entry, I have them animating one at a time. This slows things down for me.

    If they all jumped at the same time like in the blog, I would probably be OK with it. As it is now, I don't like it, and want to turn it off.

  • paulnojustpaulpaulnojustpaul Junior Member

    Another vote for the option to disable form fill animation here.

    I can see the benefit if you're unsure where 1Password is doing its thing, but for me it just makes a previously lightning fast form fill process unnecessarily slow.

  • paulnojustpaulpaulnojustpaul Junior Member

    I agree, it adds a good couple of seconds on just a user/pass form fill.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Thanks for the feedback folks. I've passed this along to the developers.


  • Wow, I cant believe the decision of Agilebits here. The extension worked perfectly fine before. Tried the new version on https://www.getcloak.com, it was really slow! No delay using the older extension on Chrome and Firefox. Other sites work better, but there is still a delay. Please add an option do disable it, or remove it altogether.

  • cp21yoscp21yos Junior Member

    While I get the animation highlights the actions may be useful for your typical user for me it's just a pain in the neck. Please give us the option to turn it off.

    As it stands my normal workflow is basically broken. Let me explain, I'm diving in and out of secure services every 15-20 minutes and because of the nature of them I can't use auto-submit. Half the time I'm responding to serious issues that require me to jump into a service quickly, so, yea pressure.

    Twice today I've nearly locked myself out by submitting without a password because of my normal workflow Command-\, type the first few letters of the login, then hitting Return twice doesn't work. The second return inevitably is get picked up by the form before 1Password has finished doing it's pretty animations.

  • SwimRefSwimRef Junior Member

    Agreed. Allow us to turn it off!! PLEASE!

  • Gilles9Gilles9 Senior Member

    Last beta extension :Version 3.9.11.BETA-2 (build #391102) - Released on 2013-03-29

    you can turn it off
    logins settings in the extension menu ( the gear)

  • paulnojustpaulpaulnojustpaul Junior Member

    Thanks to the devs for responding so quickly with the disable animations option!

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    We just released an update to the beta channel of the 1Password Safari extension that includes an "Animate filling" option (Settings > Logins).

    You can switch to the beta channel of the 1Password extension by checking the box to "Allow beta extensions" on the extension installation page.

    You can get to the extension installation page by selecting "Install Browser Extensions" from 1Password's application menu.

    I'm going to close this thread as resolved now, but please create a new thread if you are having any trouble with the setting itself, the animation, or anything else. There is always room for improvement, and we really appreciate your feedback! If you just want to disable the animation and be done with it, you can now do so. But if you want to continue to help us improve 1Password, we will continue to be grateful. :)

    Thanks so much!

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