Beta & App Store Installed At Same Time?

I used to have both the Beta and App Store releases installed at the same time, and it was working great.

Lately, I noticed If I had both, Dropbox sync only works with the App Store version and not with the Beta.

I have since removed the App Store version from my devices. Is this something new?


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    @HenryY ,

    I don't think its related to the beta. I seem to recall a similar issue during the very first betas. Let me look back over my posts and Ill edit this post if i find it.

    I do recall I was having a devil of a time (back then) getting the beta and the stable to use Dropbox. It had something to do with how Dropbox authorized the app. In the end I was able to get it to work. I am almost sure I made a post about the issue.

    Gimme a bit to do some research. Unfortunately it could take a bit of time to find :(

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    grr no GRR

    The search is not yielding any results. Let me see if I can solve the issue I know I was able to at one time. My iPad it currently only has the release so I should be able to at least try it. :)

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    Seems to be the thing to do to get it to working on my end anyway.

    1. Uninstall the release,
    2. Install the beta, and setup your Dropbox sync
    3. I personally wait till the sync is finished before moving on
    4. Install the stable. I did not get a dialogue asking about Dropbox sync (it did mention checking iCloud) it went straight to the Master Password screen.

    I feared it was using iCloud or something but opening preferences it was indeed using Dropbox.

    I assume this is because its reading the Dropbox connection from the beta. ** Maybe the beta and the stable share this I don't know.

    Both Stable and beta should now be using Dropbox.

  • @thightower I did try this, but if you do this, the beta will only sync that one time, and any changes you make from then on won't be synced via Dropbox.

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    Hmm thanks for adding that Henry. Not seen that Ill gives it a try later tonight. of course it could be related to some of the release bugs a few of us have reported. Since the latest beta is the Release Candidate.

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    Sorry I didn't read the whole thread. Do you mean that you are able to auth both but that it doesn't sync or that you are not able to auth?

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    Unable to authorize the beta with the stable already installed.


    Uninstall stable, install beta, link to Dropbox, install stable, link to Dropbox.

    Possible problem :

    Henry was unable to successfully sync and when it did sync it only did one time.
    Possibly related to these topics since the latest beta was the release candidate.

  • I see the latest beta addressed the issue.

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    Yes, I also can confirm that. Thanks @HenryY for reminding me of the subject, and to check it out.

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    Glad to hear this issue was resolved, guys. Sorry for the belated acknowledgement. :)

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