1Password 7.3.654 final release candidate is out!

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Hi guys,

This is the final release build that'll be shipping as the stable update very soon. Please let us know if you see any strange issues.

[NEW] Drag and drop files on items for standalone vaults. {OPW-2892}
[IMPROVED] The design of file drop overlay on the item list for new Document items. {OPW-2892}
[IMPROVED] Accessibility for the new item viewer and editors. {OPW-3663}
[IMPROVED] Center the details view when it is too wide.
[FIXED] Field menus were shown on template fields that cannot have its type changed nor moved. {OPW-3691}
[FIXED] Default to Control + # for keyboards with AltGr, instead of the previous Control + 3 shortcut.
[FIXED] Editing standalone vault from 1Password mini opened the main window but not the Edit Vault view.
[FIXED] Missing View label on the Related Item fields.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @lumarel, you should be able to change your vault password now from 1Password mini.

  • lumarellumarel
    edited January 2019

    Hi @MikeT,

    I wanted to write this right at the moment :chuffed:
    Can confirm that it works now! :+1:
    Thank you!

  • Thank you for helping us spot these little details @lumarel !

  • Sorry for late feedback but I think that form items feel a bit cramped on each other.
    Maybe add some paddings?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @SergeyK,

    I'm not sure I see it, there is padding in there for the copy button and then padding outside it.

    If anything, they're not tight enough between the field label and value, since they belong together and you don't copy the field label. We do plan to fix that in a future update.

  • @SergeyTheAgile You're welcome :chuffed:

    And hi @MikeT,
    I think I know what @SergeyK means,
    Looks like there is no padding on the left hand side and bottom:

    For me this looks right, but maybe not for others.

    A little bit annoying are these inconsistent paddings in the editor (and missing curves):

    Only if the buttons to move the items are visible it looks correct :unamused:

  • Looks like there is no padding on the left hand side and bottom:

    Yes, exactly. I meant there's no inner padding between the frame of the panel and border of the selected item.

  • brentybrenty

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    Yeah that's a tough one. I see what you mean, but at the same time I can see where aligning the icon between both parts of the field it applies to makes sense. Not sure what the "right" answer is, but I think I'll defer to the design team since they're looking at the bigger picture. I don't think it's a showstopper either way for the release candidate at least. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • @lumarel @SergeyK thanks guys, while this is not going to be addresses in coming few weeks, we will definitely keep your feedback in mind!

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