Tiny translation flaw in the "Vulnerable Passwords" alert

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The German alert in the "Vulnerable Passwords" section has a tiny grammatical flaw:
The German "Vulnerable Passwords" alert

It's "einer Datenpanne", not "einem Datenpanne".

I'm using the 1Password beta, but I assume this is the same in the stable release. For what it's worth, the web version at 1password.com gets this translation right.

Background knowledge for curious readers:
"einem/einer Datenpanne" is the translation of "a data breach". The article of a noun in German is bent by the grammatical gender of that noun (which is either male, female or neuter). The article "einem" is used for male and neuter nouns, however "Datenpanne" is a female noun. 🤓

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.2.5.BETA-1 (70205001) AgileB
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.14
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  • AGKyle
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    Hi @loilo

    All of our translations are primarily handled by volunteers. If you'd like to help with that and correct this issue you can do so by signing for Crowdin here:


    Generally speaking we pull in the latest translations for each release, though sometimes they get skipped for technical reasons. So it's possible this is already fixed but hasn't been included in the app.

  • loilo
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    That's great to know, thanks. I'll take a look anyway, love hunting down little spelling mistakes. :)

  • AGAlumB
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    Thanks again for bringing it up -- and for participating in the beta! :)

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