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    I totally understand your frustration, @MatthewPackwood. Not terribly long ago, my desktop was rebooting itself at random and I could not for the life of me find any pattern. Nothing was overheating. It would go entire days without doing it, then do it several times in a single work day. A few times it went near a week with no issues after I swapped some parts, then right back to it later. It didn't seem to matter how much stress I was putting on the machine ... it just didn't want to work properly and drove me completely nuts. In that case, I never did find the exact cause. Replaced some hardware and it's fine now, so I have a shortlist, but will likely never know which of those parts was to blame.

    Anyway, point is I sympathize. Finding patterns and being able to narrow your search is really is key to finding a solution in a reasonable time frame. Still, I (and my teammates) are happy to help however we can, no matter the time it takes. If you learned anything about the keyboard layouts, let me know. To pile on to possible suggestions, I see I had asked about anything that might clean the registry earlier, but didn't see whether or not you found anything. That's something that could trigger keyboard shortcuts to become disabled. As Mike mentioned, too, anything else on your system using the shortcut would be another source of trouble. Finally, although this is a giant pain and something I never wish on anyone, reinstalling Windows is always the nuclear option. And, of course, if you find anything that might resemble a pattern, even if you're not totally convinced, let me know. Sometimes you find clues that don't really look like clues at first glance so there's never harm in mentioning a thought, no matter how far-fetched. :chuffed:

  • I had a similar issue I think since upgrading to v.7. I have a mid-2015 MacBook Pro running the latest version of Mojave and the default keyboard lock shortcut was completely unresponsive on the native keyboard. In addition, both the default keyboard lock shortcut as well as a custom keyboard lock shortcut were unresponsive when using an external USB keyboard.

    I managed to fix it by completely uninstalling v.7 and an older version that was still sitting in the Apps directory and I reinstalling the app from scratch. The problem seems to have gone away, at least when using the default keyboard shortcut. (The only reason I used a custom shortcut was because the default stopped working, but now I don't need the custom one at all.)

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    @RDE: Thank you for chipping in!

    This thread is about 1Password 7 for Windows, so the reasons behind these keyboard issues might be different, due to different OS. However, your feedback is really appreciated and I am glad to hear that you've managed to resolve a similar issue. :)

    Let us know if you have other questions. Thanks!


  • Great point! But that’s a “might.” :) If it turns out that the issue is not OS-specific and if the only fix for now is a clean reinstall (which is an OS-agnostic last resort, sure), it’s still worth considering, no? I was seriously considering switching password managers because of this issue if it was an indication that priorities were not in order at 1Password and I’d hate for anyone else to feel like that. Luckily the reinstall worked and everything is fine again.

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    It's not something we'd really be able to say since that's well outside the scope of 1Password, as we don't have control over the keyboard; the OS does. But it sounds like something may have just been damaged on your machine. I'm glad to hear that reinstalling helped in your case. Cheers! :)

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