1Password 4 does not support Chrome 72 or later [1Password 7 is available]



  • Windows 10 1809
    Chrome 72.0.3626.81
    1Password Extension

    The extension was working fine then it stopped. I have uninstalled the desktop version as well as the Chrome extension, still no luck. In Chrome, I'll left click on the 1Password extension and it doesn't do anything. If I hover over the extension, it says 1Password Has Access to this Site. I do see the desktop version loaded in the system try. If I right click, it gives me the standard options. It does say 1Password extension (desktop app required).

    Any ideas? I really don't want to go to the cloud version if possible.

    1Password Version:
    Extension Version:
    OS Version: Win 10 1809
    Sync Type: None

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @KayN,

    I just sent an email to you. We will need to take a look at your current setup and I will provide you with further instructions on how to get rid of your old vault. Please check inbox and let's continue our conversation there. Thanks! :+1:

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @levelupmsp,

    Thank you for getting in touch! I merged your post into our discussion about 1Password 4 and Chrome 72.

    The thing is that 1Password 4 is discontinued and it will not work with Chrome 72. You'd need to either upgrade to 1Password 7, which is being actively developed and has the new code signature, or use one of the other supported browsers (such as Brave, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

    Let me know if you have any other questions, we are always here for you. Thank you!


  • Thx, I have updated to the cloud version.

  • GregGreg

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    @levelupmsp: Please let us know if you have any questions about your new account, we are always ready to help. Thank you! :+1:


  • Greg, after much determination, I think I have finally figured out how 1password 7 needed to be configured. I now have it set up on my browser my.1password account and placed the app on all my computers and iphone. It is asking to save the logins and seems to be syncing to all devices. It was difficult for me at 1st to get the concept of what was happening but I think I now have it.
    I'm not sure about not having file folders for organization but I'm willing to give the tags a try. 02/07/2019

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    I'm glad to hear you've got things sorted, @KayN! I think you'll find tags mirror folders fairly well. For a time, they didn't nest, which I know tripped some folks up but they do now, so it's very close to the same structure. Where tags stand out is the added flexibility of adding more than one to an item, and making searching a bit easier with the tag:foo syntax. If you prefer clicking to navigate, of course, that might not be something you really need, but I find searching to be a bit easier since I can avoid my mouse and figure it's worth a mention. :+1:

  • Thinking out loud here, but if the cost of maintaining another 1password4 is prohibitive, why not grandfather those with licenses over to 7? it reduces your maintenance, keeps your customers safe, happy, updated, and earns good will. You potentially forgo some license revenue from users who have already paid and shown you good will, but you also earn their respect which is likely to encourage them to look upon your offerings more favorably. New customers still get to pay for licenses or subscriptions.

    With this new change which is completely outside of any user's control, the options of pay for a new version, or switch away from the clearly dominant (and consequently best supported) browser seem a bit hostile toward users - especially those who have been with you. let alone, this encourages bad behaviour - people looking to downgrade browsers and plugins, and the like.

    I paid for 1password 1. A critical change browser technology necessitated me moving up to 1password4 because 1 would no longer be supported - I paid for a new license. Here I am again, at an impasse - upgrade to 7. How long am I looking at before 7 is declared discontinued and I go through this again?

    I even convinced older family to buy in. Now now not only do I have to do technical support for them to explain why it's not happening and figure out a transition strategy, I have to explain to them why I advised them to pick up something that has caused them this friction.

    help guys. you can do better than this.

  • @ouchie-
    Very good point, and I agree. Well said.

  • I agree with Ouchie. At least a heads up that v4 will stop working with Chrome. I was pretty busy trying to fix things in vcenter and not having my passwords accessible in chrome slowed me down tremendously. I spent more in overhead looking for a solution than the $50 license. Not cool.

  • As advised by user #markherdeg (in this thread): Turning off "Verify web browser code signature" in 1Password 4 (under Help/Advanced) appears to make the extension work fine with Chrome 72.

    It works now.

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    Welcome to the forum, @ouchie! It's hard to tell if you're a newer 1Password user or just someone who's new to interacting with us and other users on this forum, since this is your first post but you're referring to 1Password 4 for Windows. Version 4 was first introduced in June of 2014 and saw its final update in September of 2017, about a year and half ago (though the last substantial update was even earlier). A user who purchased a license in the very beginning of 1Password 4 for Windows's life would've seen thirty-five separate updates filled with both new features and bug fixes/compatibility improvements of the kind we're discussing here, for free, over the course of those 3+ years of version 4's lifespan.

    Meantime, in addition to all that work, we were also preparing behind the scenes the new version of 1Password for Windows (version 7 -- actually, version 6 as well, but that was 1password.com account-only). So quite a bit of development has gone into both the older and newer versions, and therefore I'm hard-pressed to understand a position that says three-plus years of free in-version updates is not enough; that 1Password 4 for Windows should continue to receive compatibility updates forever, at no extra charge.

    I paid for 1password 1. A critical change browser technology necessitated me moving up to 1password4 because 1 would no longer be supported - I paid for a new license. Here I am again, at an impasse - upgrade to 7. How long am I looking at before 7 is declared discontinued and I go through this again?

    As Ben mentioned in his excellent reply earlier in this thread:

    That does tend to be how software licenses work though, not only here at 1Password but in the software industry as a whole. It is possible to continue using 1Password 4 for as long as you'd like, as licenses don't expire, but we won't be updating v4 any further. For a lot of reasons we recommend keeping up to date with your software, particularly 1Password, your operating system, and your web browser.

    I'll go a bit farther and say that as a security company, it's nearly malpractice for us to suggest anything else. Older versions of anything - OS, hardware, or security software - will become increasingly incompatible over time, and vulnerabilities or new attack vectors may be discovered that did not exist when the software/OS/hardware was current. So while your 1Password 4 for Windows license doesn't ever expire, I'd no more suggest you continue using it today than I would suggest you continue using your even-older copy of 1Password 1 for Windows on a copy of Windows XP (which has been abandoned by Microsoft).

    I even convinced older family to buy in. Now now not only do I have to do technical support for them to explain why it's not happening and figure out a transition strategy, I have to explain to them why I advised them to pick up something that has caused them this friction.

    Did you tell them "buy this, it will work forever without additional cost?" I'd probably be disgruntled too if that was the impression I received from a trusted relative who urged me to purchase/use something, especially if I were an older user who was less/unfamiliar with how software licenses tend to work. However, that's something we've never offered nor even suggested. If it had been, then by that reasoning, we should now be re-opening the old code for 1Password 1 for Windows (the original version), discontinued in December 2013, and upgrading that as well. After all, many people still have licenses for that also.

    if the cost of maintaining another 1password4 is prohibitive, why not grandfather those with licenses over to 7?

    Because this is not a sustainable business model. Over 100 people work at 1Password currently, and we have no deep-pocketed corporate parent nor any venture capital "alternate funding streams" that can keep us afloat or run 1Password at a loss: 1Password exists solely on the sale of licenses and 1password.com membership accounts to end users. Selling one $50 license per user and then "grandfathering" anyone who's paid into every new version of 1Password, indefinitely, for as long as they wish to remain users, means we'd have to depend only on revenue from new licenses...as the user base continued to grow. This seems either reasonable or sustainable?

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    Welcome to the forum, @etb! Wow, a lot of long-time users who we've never communicated with before today! Welcome, everyone. :)

    I spent more in overhead looking for a solution than the $50 license.

    I'm sorry for the confusion, but if your time is more valuable to you than a comparatively inexpensive license, wouldn't that suggest an obvious course of action - upgrade your license to the newest version, not only to save your valuable time but also to stay current with your security software?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, @C4ever! We cannot recommend users intentionally disable browser code signature verification, as this is intentionally lowering your own security. Obviously, we can't stop you from doing so, but we recommend against this for the same reason we recommend against users choosing a four or five character Master Password because it's easier to remember and quicker to type: it is poor security practice.

  • Lars, you’re absolutely right! That’s my point. If 1password had properly communicated that v4 would no longer work with chrome 72, I wouldn’t have wasted a second trying to find a solution. $50 to upgrade to v7 standalone is a no brainer if v4 no longer works. I did not know I was looking at a non-functioning program as it worked fine earlier the same day. In my experience working one moment and then not working the next moment indicates something needs to be fixed, or a reboot at the minimum. Not sudden incompatibility.

    Previous to this I was unaware that 1password still offered standalone licenses. The 1password site does not advertise this licensing model, nor does it mention it, favoring subscription/SAAS model. My apparent options were to stay with v4 perpetual license, or upgrade to v7 subscription model. I’m sure the obfuscation is by design.

    Did v4/chrome72 catch Agile by surprise? Would it be a tremendous effort to notify existing v4 license holders that v4 is incompatible with v72? Clearly this thread indicates that it’s at least a communication issue and likely more users will be landing here soon.

    1password is a great product and v7 is much faster than v4. That alone is worth the upgrade for me. Between all of my systems and TOTP I’m in 1password many times per day. The slow unlock with v4 was quite grating.

    In the future if v7 will receive a hard cut EOL, can you please let us know? Even better, can Agile outline a long-term support window like other LTS products?

  • C4everC4ever
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    I 100% agree with #etb. I realize upgrading to v7 would improve my experience, as I rely on 1password often, but letting us know that the older version's functionality would no longer be supported with Chrome's update to v72 would have been far less confusing. Just to be clear (for those in charge of 1Password's direction), when a product ceases to work and the user knows full well that the company has moved wholesale into a subscription based formula, it really erodes confidence, for said user, in being considered as a legitimate customer. Not a good scene for 1Password, not a happy customer. I fully understand that I purchased a standalone license for v4 only, but did so for exactly the value that it provided (over many years). Communication would be nice, a simple fix so that it simply continues to work as advertised would be better.

    That said, I really like using 1password. I won't be switching to anything else (as I tried them all, 1password is tops). Honestly, I just want it to continue working the way it is until I decide to make the switch to v7

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    I'm sorry it ended up being such a time sink, @etb and @C4ever. Keeping folks in the loop about this stuff is tough. We don't have a mailing list specific to folks who use 1Password 4 and we make it a point not to gather/keep information about y'all whenever possible. We love that this helps to protect our customers' privacy, but it does sometimes feel like a negative when we'd like to give y'all a heads up about something and don't have a way to reach everyone. I'll take some of the blame here as well. Mike suggested I write an announcement post here on the forum, but at the time I hadn't seen many questions about it and thought it wasn't necessary. In hindsight, it would have been better to do so. Given you ended up here after putting in the unneeded troubleshooting, I don't know that it would have helped you, but something is better than nothing and I'll keep it in mind for the future. I should really know to listen to Mike. He's proven smarter than me more than once, so stands to reason he'd be right again.

    Regarding 1Password 7 generally, we did announce its release on our blog and in our newsletter, plus here and on Twitter and Facebook. The same struggles apply to these releases where we don't have your contact info on our mailing list unless you ask us to add you, so if you'd like to at the very least keep up with the big news like new releases and promotions, I'd definitely recommend signing up for our newsletter. Again, not something that would have helped with Chrome 72 specifically as we didn't want to alert everyone to an issue that only affects a comparatively small portion of our customer base, but it may have got you using 7 earlier and avoided it all the same, so there's some value there for you sounds like. :+1:

    Oh, and @C4ever? There is no subscription only formula. 1Password 7, like 1Password 4, can be purchased with a one-time payment for a standalone license. That license will allow you to use 1Password 7 for Windows on as many PCs as you own, no subscription required. :chuffed:

  • Thank you @Lars for taking the time to type all of that. Based upon your reply I feel like I've caused ire instead of intention - I was shooting for sharing user experience and some creative problem solving. For that I apologize.

    I've been a 1password user for ~7 years (at least that's the oldest email I can find from you guys on that account). I don't know if that makes me new, old, or something else.

    Your reply told me most of what I need to know. I'll chalk this one up to the user is wrong and take appropriate action.

    thanks again.

  • I, too, found today that the extension for 1Password 4 doesn't work with Chrome 72. All you had to do was post a notice instead of having us fish around for this thread because I do get peace of mind out of your great work and I wouldn't hesitate to buy the subscription at all. I'm a happy user, but I had no idea. I wasted more time figuring this out than I a full license. Anyway, I'm getting the subscription so I don't have this problem anymore and don't have any more headaches with extension-to-browser compatibility.

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    @ouchie -

    Your reply told me most of what I need to know. I'll chalk this one up to the user is wrong...

    If that's the impression I gave you, then perhaps I worded my reply too strongly. It was not my intention to say "the user is wrong" because it certainly doesn't make you wrong and us right (or the reverse) - either in our own estimation or in reality - just because you disagree with our decision not to grandfather existing license holders of any previous version of 1Password into the current version for free because it isn't a sustainable practice for us. I don't think there's any real value in declaring you wrong and us right or the reverse; it's just not something that we're going to be doing, that's all. You're entirely welcome to disagree with us about that. We're very aware there is plenty of competition out there for the password management user, and some options are even free of charge, so we definitely understand it's incumbent upon us to demonstrate 1Password's value for the price paid by users -- it's hard to beat "free" on price alone, after all.

    As bundkate mentioned above, for privacy reasons, we intentionally try to collect as little information as possible about our users, and we also try to keep mass-emails to a bare minimum. Virtually all of the mass emails we do send are opt-in (such as our newsletter), but given 1Password 4 for Windows' age, even were we to decide a mass email was appropriate, it would likely not reach many of the users for whom we have email addresses at all, as people do tend to change these over time. I do appreciate that 1Password 4 for Windows is not some pre-2010 ancient version and that Chrome is by far the largest market-share browser, so perhaps in the future we can consider a post on our blog notifying users of upcoming incompatibilities of a similar nature that will affect a relatively larger share of users. But in general, I'll repeat what's already been said in this thread by multiple team members here: the best defense against incompatibilities is to keep all important software and hardware up to date with the latest version. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this issue with us. :)

  • Hello. Please help. I'm 1Password 4. Windows 10. Chrome. All up to date.

    I get the update issue. Got it. I am not angry with you.

    I want to buy a standalone 1Password 7 for windows. I understand pricing will be there when I install it. It may be $49 it may be $69. I get it. I am not angry with you.

    I have gone to https://1password.com/downloads/windows/ and selected the download of "Download 1Password for Windows". It downloads a 1PasswordSetup-7 exe file. I have tried running the file as an administrator. It won't run.

    I have checked my .net version and confirm it to be 4.7.2 so that should not be the problem.

    I have rebooted my PC several times. No change.

    Can you please tell me what I'm missing? It shouldn't be this hard to give you money. Is there an installer I'm missing perhaps? If so, could you provide the link?

    Also - please, please in your response, I am aware there are online subscription memberships, I have reviewed my options, I am confident in my choice for a standalone licence.

    Please help. I am hours into trying to fix this.

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @Macto,

    Please try to install 1Password 7.2 from here and see if the installer works. If you are able to install 7.2, you should be able to update to 7.3 after that (go to Settings > Update).

    Let me know how it goes. Thank you! :+1:


  • Hi Greg - Thank you! It downloaded and installed just fine. Purchase went OK. I've migrated over and my chrome extension is working again. Have uninstalled 4 and am now a functioning 7 user. Hooray!

    Many thanks again, much appreciated.
    HP :)

  • Just another comment agreeing with pretty much everything other users of 1PW4 and Chrome 72 have been saying, to wake up today to find it "just not working" when it had been "just working" then spending ages trying to work out why is not my idea of a good use of my time. I only bought 1PW4 in Jan 16 so I've not received that many updates (I count 10 from the release notes page), and effectively got 18 months of support for my licence.
    I have paid for WinZip since 2003. As an existing licence holder I can get a discount on upgrades, and I am happy to continue to support WinZip through their different versions because I use their software daily, I want to support development, and I feel like a valued customer. The fact that the latest WinZip still does pretty much the same as the first version is not important to me. But at least it doesn't stop working overnight. As a 1PW customer, I feel that your attitude, reflected in some of the replies above, is "get a new licence, get a new browser, or get a new password manager", and not particularly customer-focussed. I realise that good-will doesn't pay the bills and you need to generate real income for your team, but existing customers are a soft-sell as we clearly like the product, are tied-in with the file formats and the muscle-memory of getting it to work as we wish, and should be treated with a little most courtesy. This way, we'll stay with you, promote you to our family and friends, and you won't end up with a load of griping users complaining on your forum. So how about a sweetener for these users in the form of a special upgrade price?
    I would be interested in upgrading to the standalone version, but if the only way to find out how much it costs is to install the new version, then as has been mentioned above, this is a crazy way to proceed. I also agree with others on this thread - how long will my new version be supported for? Just another 18 months?
    I note that you have learnt lessons from this issue - this is the one good outcome from this problem. I hope that you remember them next time you are aware that many of your long-time users are going to find their software broken one day for no obvious reason.

  • 1password chrome extension has been working just fine with chrome on my pc for a long time. all of sudden today it does not launch anything (the menu does not come up). I have the extension on internet explorer also and that still works fine.
    Windows version 8.1
    Google Chrome Version 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    1password extension Version
    1password app version

    tried uninstalling and reinstalling extension, rebooting pc, turned off other extensions. again, it has worked just fine until today. Nothing changed that I know of.. except my pc shutdown unexpectedly due to battery drain. Maybe something got corrupted.

    Bill Sabatine

    1Password Version: Not Provided
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Not Provided
    Sync Type: Not Provided

  • The button of my Chrome extension just stopped working for the last couple of days. The menu doesn't appear, so the browser extension cannot be used at all. It works ok on Firefox though.

    I sent a report, my ID is: #XUJ-38814-321

  • Me too...same problem with same version of chrome Versión 72.0.3626.96 (Build oficial) (32 bits). Any solution? Thanks..

  • Turning off "Verify web browser code signature" in 1Password 4 (under Help/Advanced) appears to make the extension work fine with Chrome 72.

  • Thanks a lot @mercabit! Turning off "Verify web browser code signature" also did the trick for me. :)

    My 1password extension stopped working when chrome got updated to version 72.0.3626.96.

  • Same here, thanks to @mercabit for the solution which worked for me!

    Are there any security risks when turning off "Verify web browser code signature" ?

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