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Problem with 1Password 4 not working in Chrome (All Updated)

It's been a few weeks since my 1Password extension in Chrome stopped working, not asking to save passwords nor if I asked it to input my passwords using my right click menu. Desktop is normal.

1Password Version:
1Password Extension Version:
Chrome: Version 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Updated.
OS: Windows 10 (Latest Build).

Maybe it'll be best if 1Password actually respond to some users who've experienced problems posting in the 1Password Extension Support page in Chrome webstore:

One user mentions this:

Extension no longer works with 1password version 4
The extension no longer supports Chrome 72 or above. This is because Google are signing Chrome with a new cert.

1password 4 will need updating to recognize the new cert however the developer is currently taking the stance you should upgrade to 1password version 7, as version 4 is end of life and will only receive security updates.

A workaround can be used that disables the cert check, in 1password 4 desktop app go to:
Help > Advanced > untick verify web browser code signature (then restart chrome).

HOWEVER this disables a security feature that ensures the chrome browser/extension it connects to is in fact provided by Google.

Hopefully the developer changes their stance and provides an update to version 4 as forcing users to update and pay again for a relatively easy fix does not inspire brand loyalty or repeated business.

======================= Posted by Daniel Lewis - 1 day ago

I will use the solution for the time being while 1Password responds to this and hopefully willing to rectify this problem. Thank you.

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • mgunawanmgunawan
    Community Member

    Sorry seems it's been posted and replied by the team, link the thread:


    Please delete this thread if you want. Many thanks.

  • GregGreg
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @mgunawan,

    I would still recommend you to take a closer look at 1Password 7 for Windows. It is under active development and will get only better:

    1Password 7.3 for Windows - More polished than ever

    Please let us know if you have any other questions, we are always ready to help you with everything. Thank you! :+1:


  • fmalvesBHfmalvesBH
    Community Member

    I´ve learned that 1Password 4 for Windows will not work with Chrome 7 and that, in order to re-estabilish the usability of 1PW, I have to upgrade to version 7.

    Since I have already paid for a one-off license of the standalone version, will I have to move (and pay again) to the subscription version when I upgrade to 1PW version 7?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    While we definitely recommend a 1Password membership as the best way to use 1Password, @fmalvesBH, you can still purchase a standalone license for 1Password 7, if you like. Keep in mind that though your licenses never expire, they are sold per version per platform, so future upgrades may be paid. You can learn more about upgrading to 1Password 7 here:


    And, of course, we're here if you've got questions before you take the leap. :+1:

  • emilGemilG
    Community Member

    Dear bundtkate, where I can buy standalone licences for windows and mac?

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @emilG: You can find pricing in the announcements detailing what's new:

    1Password 7 for Mac: The Best Ever

    1Password 7 for Windows: The Best Ever

    Purchasing is done from within the apps themselves. Cheers! :)

  • rjmac29rjmac29
    Community Member

    1Password has stopped working for me too and this is the FIRST I've heard of a new version of 1Password (7)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why weren't we informed about this?? I never received an email (unless I missed it somehow or something) and never had time until now to stop and try to figure out why. I have been a loyal user of 1Password and have referred many, many people to it and now I cannot get it to work!!! Please upgrade me to the newest version; I've already paid once, why would I have to pay again?

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @rjmac29: We announced it in newsletters and on our blog, as shown in my links above. We don't send emails to people unless they've requested to receive them. And since it is a paid upgrade and a brand new app rather than being a revision of 1Password for Windows version4, we don't want to confuse people by presenting it as an update. In the past, when we have done that, even stating upfront that it required a purchase, people didn't read that, upgraded, and then were upset that there was a charge for it. So we really don't want to do that again. :)

    Anyway, any license is for the specific version you purchased, as it isn't reasonable or feasible for us to work for free. So if you want to use the new app, you'd either need to buy a license for that specific version, or get it as part of a 1Password membership. If you shoot us an email at [email protected] we'll be happy to help you make the transition. Otherwise, it doesn't cost you anything to use the version you already paid for, with the OS and browser versions it supports.

  • jordibenjordiben
    Community Member

    Hello, I personally do not like too much 1password7, although it is possible that with the use I can adapt. But what I do not understand is that the classification by folders has been deleted, this seems distasteful to me because there is a big task behind it. And the 1password destroys it. I understand that 1password does not evolve due to technical issues (I hope it is not commercial) but 1password can not leave customers in the lurch forcing them to change the version and minimal maintenance is required as the extension for chrome works. It does not seem that this is very difficult truth? Otherwise I think it is an abuse to force change and pay again. I hope they correct the problem of extension. Otherwise I will lose confidence with 1password for the future and look for alternatives. Something that I think is common to many users. a greeting

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @jordiben: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that you're not a fan of 1Password 7 so far, but we'll see what we can do. When you migrate to version 7, rather than being destroyed, any folders should have been converted to tags, automatically, to avoid the maintenance you're describing. Please let me know if that wasn't the case for you so we can investigate.

    To be clear, no one is forced to upgrade to version 7. And at the same time we can't give it away for free, because making software is how we make a living -- not selling ads, user data, or to outside investors; we literally only get paid by customers, so there wouldn't be a 1Password (or anyone here to reply) otherwise. So, certainly, you don't have to pay if you don't want to use it. But we'd love to hear any specific things that you're struggling with using 1Password 7 to see what we can improve that might help everyone using it. :)

  • mboukraamboukraa
    Community Member

    I'm in the same situation, and I've read your last answer. But people who use 1Password 4 have paid for a license that should provide them with updates (especially when a problem like this occurs).
    I have 2 1Password accounts, a 1Password 4 and a 1Password 7, for 2 different uses (say personal and professional). I have two questions:

    • 1Password 7 seems not to work in an offline environment (no Internet). Which in a professional environment can happen from time to time (voluntarily or involuntarily). Is there a way to do it locally when there is no internet access (sorry if the question seems stupid)? It's a huge problem for me.
    • Migrating my 1Password 4 account to a 1Password 7 means paying a subscription. But what happens to my 1Password 4 license that I paid for and that becomes obsolete.
      I understand that you want to encourage (force????) users to migrate to 1Password 7 rather than solve the problem that only occurs with Chrome but couldn't you make a commercial gesture for those who have trusted you?
  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @mboukraa: Thanks for chiming in! I think there may be some misunderstanding:

    • If you've paid for a license for 1Password for Windows version 7, you're entitled to use that on all of your computers that will run it. You don't need a separate license for work/home/etc.
    • While we recommend 1Password memberships because they're the best option for most people, as mentioned above, licenses are available as well.
    • You won't have an account for 1Password 4, as it was created years before we developed the 1Password membership service.
    • 1Password 4 received free updates from its release in early 2014 until late 2017. As is the case with all software eventually, we needed to move on to a new version in order to support the latest technologies, which you probably have upgraded other software -- browser, OS, 3rd party apps -- to take advantage of already anyway.

    Our focus is always on the current version of 1Password, as it isn't feasible to maintain multiple separate codebases concurrently. 1Password 4 was once the current version -- really, for quite a long time -- but it isn't any longer. 1Password 7, being the current version of 1Password, has support for the current version of Chrome and other browsers and OSes. You can use many other browser/OS compilations with 1Password 4 which are compatible with it. Chrome 72 on Windows is not though, so you'd need to move to a compatible version of 1Password for that to work.

  • mboukraamboukraa
    Community Member

    Hi Brenty,

    There's probably some misunderstanding on my side... that's for sure.
    I voluntarily use(d) two 1password versions simply because historically I first used 1Password 4 for my personal use and later I used 1Password 7 to replace Keepass in my work environment (Different computers from the ones I use at home; I hope it clarifies the use of these 2 different "versions" although I could only use 1Password 7 for everything). This setup was perfect for me and I didn't necessarily want to mix or merge these 2 password databases.
    Ok, I don't have a 1Password 4 account, but from my basic user point of view (sorry), I didn't think I needed to be so precise in semantics....
    You take your users from high and it's quite surprising, after all it's feedback (I'm sure the problem also comes from the fact that the termination of chromium/1password 4 compatibility was sudden, at least for me - and I feel like I'm not the only one).
    As I want to keep using Chrome I guess I don't have a choice. No answer to my first question?
    Thank you, have a good day.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @mboukraa: No worries. I appreciate the additional details too! I'd suggest that it might be easier for you to use the same version of 1Password on all your PCs...but really that's your call, and you make a good point about intentionally having two separate sets of data. You could have 1Password 7 on each computer setup with a different vault though, which would allow you to use it with the latest browser on both. Just a thought.

    I'm sorry if I missed a question. I'm not sure I see what you mean, but if you are referring to your comment about using it without internet access, yes that's how 1Password has always worked. You won't be able to sync data without being online, but it always has a local copy of the data so it is accessible. Does that help?

  • mboukraamboukraa
    Community Member

    @Brenty: No problem. Of course 1Password 7 app won't be able to sync data without being online. What I meant to say is that I remember not being able to log into 1password 7 app on a computer with no internet access and then being unable to get access to my password (But it was some months ago may be more and may be it's now possible). Maybe this problem no longer exists.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @mboukraa: There are only two situations where you wouldn't be able to access your 1Password data with an internet connection:

    • You haven't setup the app on that device yet, hence no data cached locally; you'll need to be online to sign in the first time and get the data. That's not something that has been or will be changed.
    • You're trying to access your data through the 1Password.com web interface; for obvious reasons, that requires an internet connection.

    But if you've discovered a bug in one of the apps that we're not aware of yet, be sure to let us know so we can fix it. Once you have data locally though, you'd either need to delete it yourself or connect to the server to have it do so (e.g. if you deleted a vault/item on another device but it was not able to sync yet).

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