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1password desktop client wont launch when trying to launch from chrome extension

This is only the beginning of the issues: The chrome icon also does not work properly as it use to show other features when you click on it in chrome but now it has a limited amount of options and none of which includes my favorite sites and their saved password.

I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling chrome extension and also cleared chrome cache and rebooting PC and it still wont work.

Here is what i have:

Windows 10 PC with Chrome Version 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)
1password for windows version

However when used in IE browser it (the 1password icon) does work but not all saved website favorites work so it has limited capabilities and is not a workaround.

Please let me know how to fix in chrome. thanks!

1Password Version:
Extension Version: latest
OS Version: Win 10 64 bit
Sync Type: no idea


  • GregGreg
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @1passwordguy,

    Thank you for getting in touch!

    1Password 4 for Windows is discontinued and it will not work with Chrome 72, due to updated code signature. See this discussion for more information.

    You'd need to either upgrade to 1Password 7 (please note that this is a separate purchase for the owners of 1Password 4), which is being actively developed and has the new signature, or use one of the other supported browsers (such as Brave, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

    1Password 7 for Windows supports both standalone licenses and 1Password.com service but the best part about 1Password.com service is that you'll always get the future versions included automatically and access to all 1Password apps as well, no extra costs. If you are not able to update or upgrade to 1Password 7, you can turn off the code signature check in 1Password 4 at your security risk via the Help Menu > Advanced, deselect Verify web browser code signatures.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, we are here to help. Thank you!


  • 1passwordguy1passwordguy
    Community Member

    Understood - is there any coupons for existing users who are upgrading?

    Also what are step by step instructions once we purchase the new version to migrate our existing vault that has all of our existing websites/passwords to the new version for windows 10 desktop, apple and android cell phone?

  • mercabitmercabit
    Community Member

    Are there coupons for upgrade?

  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member

    Hi guys,

    There are no coupons, 1Password 7 for Windows is already on sale for 49.99$ (regular price will be 64.99$).

    Here's how to upgrade to 1Password 7: https://support.1password.com/upgrade-windows/

  • utahteautahtea
    Community Member

    Hi, We had the same issue on our PC yesterday. We bought a 1 Password Mac & Windows Bundle (family license upgrade) in 2014. We have 1Password 6 on the Mac and 1Password 4 on the PC. Is there a new family option with the standalone option? Is there one with the monthly service? Your website is very confusing. :(

    I went and checked and we did not receive any notification that the license was discontinued. A heads up would have been nice. We spent all day yesterday trying to figure out why this stopped working on just one computer! I've been using 1Password since 2011!


  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    Your license didn't expire, @utahtea, and it never will. Of course, older software will at some point stop working as the world changes around it, but 1Password 4 is still in a pretty good spot – Firefox, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi will all still work fine, as will Internet Explorer. I know Chrome is one of the more popular browsers, but you do still have options if you'd like to keep using 1Password 4.

    That said, we do have a family option for 1Password memberships, and it can be particularly helpful if you need to share passwords. Doubly so, if you help less tech-savvy folk manage their passwords. You can learn all about it here:


    There is no longer a family bundle for standalone licenses. We found the dearth of options last paid upgrade caused more issues that it solved and decided to keep things simple per person per platform this time around. A 1Password Families membership, of course, covers all apps on all devices for up to 5 people, including future upgrades so you'll not have to worry about aging apps again if you choose that route. Totally your call, of course, but we developed 1Password memberships in no small part to help avoid things like compatibility issues with older apps. When everyone is using the latest, every knows their apps will stay compatible with both browsers and your operating system, no matter how long since you started using 1Password. :+1:

  • SimnstjSimnstj
    Community Member

    Hi @Greg and team

    Thanks for taking the time to give a detailed reply - I understand the issue now.

    In relation to @Greg suggesting 'you can turn off the code signature check in 1Password 4 at your security risk' can you please explain for the untechie (me) exactly what that means and what are the implications and risk if I go that option?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.....


  • utahteautahtea
    Community Member

    Thanks to all who helped on this thread. We chose to go the standalone route and we're back in business. For those of you who don't see the standalone software, you have to pay attention when you download it and there is an option for it!


  • ajahnajahn
    Community Member

    Help Menu > Advanced, deselect Verify web browser code signatures.

    This solved my problem. I will consider upgrading to 1Passowrd 7 in the near future.
    Thanks for the help!

  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member

    On behalf of Greg and team, you're welcome.

  • 1passwordguy1passwordguy
    Community Member
    edited February 2019

    OK So I am able to follow these instructions to upgrade to 7 from 4 and it does not matter what version i currently have (family, standalone, office, ect.) ?


    Also is there a way to backup stuff in case the upgrade does not work or is this not a concern?

    Also what is the direct web link to the exact software i need to purchase to upgrade to 7 from 4?

    Also is there a new chrome browser extension to go along with the desktop software and if so what is that exact link?

    Also what are the exact instructions to upgrade the software on both android and iphone cell phones?

  • JustJeff69JustJeff69
    Community Member

    I am also curious what the ramifications of turning off "Verify Web Browser Code Signature" are to keep using 1Password4 with Chrome for the short-term?

    Also, can you please confirm if 1Password7 for Windows is an official release or if it is still in Beta? I found conflicting information on this on your website.

  • cterry877cterry877
    Community Member

    Hey Mike. I would love to hand you $50 to upgrade from 4 to 7 so I can continue to use your product since you have made my license worthless but in following the exact instructions in trying to log into the extension app once 7 installed it continues to ask for a KEY which I do not have. I have a license. Yet it states I should not need a KEY if I have a license. So how do I continue to use your product, pay the $50 and get 7 to work instead of existing 4 on Chrome? After hours trying to get you or anyone to respond it sure would be nice if ANYONE COULD GET ME SOME ANSWERS!

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    @1passwordguy: No new browser extensions, so nothing to worry about there – 4 and 7 use the same one.

    As for backups, since 1Password 7 is totally separate from 1Password 4, there's no real concern about the upgrade going wrong. Everything from 1Password 4 stays intact until you uninstall it. The one exception there is if you're opening an Agile Keychain vault in 1Password 7, it will be upgraded to OPVault and the Agile Keychain will be renamed from, for example, 1Password.agilekeychain to 1Password.legacyagilekeychain. If you need that old vault back for any reason, you can rename it back to the original and can open it right up from there, so the old vault itself functions as a backup there.

    Upgrades on mobile were free, so chances are you've already got 1Password 7 there. If you do have to convert your vault, you'll need to point your other devices to the new OPVault 1Password 7 creates, but this is a matter of adjusting sync settings – there shouldn't be any need to upgrade anything on mobile. If you need help doing that, let us know – we can absolutely walk you through it. :+1:

    Finally, the link. The download link in that guide is all you need. You purchase your license in 1Password 7 itself, so once you install and open your vault, you'll see a prompt to pay. Make sure to click the "Need a license?" link and you can purchase from there. Something I should probably add to that guide is that after you purchase your license, you'll get a link via e-mail to download your license file. Download it, then double-click the downloaded file with 1Password 7 running to apply your license.

    And, I think that about covers it. One of the challenges in writing that upgrade guide, though, is that each of y'all can be coming from slightly different places, so if at any point you're not sure what to do next or something doesn't look quite like you expect, just ask. We're more than happy to help. :chuffed:

    @JustJeff69: Whether you're disabling the code signature check temporarily or permanently, the risks are about the same. This check is what ensures Chrome is Chrome. The reason we can't recommend disabling it is because without it, anything could theoretically connect to your app. Malware masquerading as your browser, or a man-in-the-middle listening in to the conversation between app and extension. If you need to continue using 1Password 4 for a time, I'd definitely recommend using a different browser, like Firefox, over disabling that check. I'm a bit biased as a Firefox gal myself, but Mozilla makes a lovely browser and they are great people with an awesome mission. Taking this opportunity to give them or another Chromium-based browser like Vivaldi a try is a great way to make some lemonade out of lemons. And if you hate it, well, it's only temporary, right? :chuffed:

  • JustJeff69JustJeff69
    Community Member

    @bundtkate : Thank you for your detailed response. I think you may have missed the second part of my questions but can you please confirm the release status of version 7 for Windows and if it is Final or still a Beta release?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    I did, @JustJeff69! So sorry and good catch. 🙈 1Password 7 is well out of beta at this point. We're all the way up to 7.3 in fact. We do have both stable and beta channels, plus threads from the beta period still do get resurrected from time to time, so that might be where some of that mixed info is coming from. You can always check the latest stable (and beta) release versions on our release notes page, if you're unsure:


    :+1: :chuffed:

  • luccilucci
    Community Member

    Dear 1password,
    with asking the existing customers to pay one more time the subscription fee when upgrading from 1password 4 to 1password 7 version is a cheap way of making money. Of course you want to make more revenue but it will be much better with bringing new customers. So far I was very happy with 1 password and I was recommending it to all my friends. From now on I am sorry but I can not do this anymore.
    Because simply after few years you will make the same trick... either Chrome will change the code again or Windows will change something. You will for sure find** the reason.**

    P.S. Let's make this clear: I can use the 1 password 4 with deselect Verify web browser code signatures

    Then Lars is saying: We cannot recommend users intentionally disable browser code signature verification, as this is intentionally lowering your own security.

    On your web-site is written:
    The last major update to 1Password 4 for Windows was in 2017 to allow it to continue working with modern browsers. It will only receive critical security updates in the future.

    So I am confused... I will disable Verifying the browser which will lower my own security but at the same time I will receive only critical security updates?!?!?!

    Do you think this all above is good for your reputation?

  • LarsLars

    Team Member

    @lucci - I think I've addressed most of your points here in my reply to the very similar post you made in that other thread. But let me make sure I didn't miss anything here:

    ...asking the existing customers to pay one more time the subscription fee when upgrading from 1password 4 to 1password 7 version is a cheap way of making money.

    Good news, then: we don't force existing customers to subscribe when upgrading from 1password 4 to 1password 7. Standalone licenses for 1Password 7 for Windows are still very much available. When you install 1Password 7 for Windows and run it for the first time, you'll get the Purchase Options window, where yes, you can subscribe if you want (that's our recommendation, as it's the best way to experience 1Password today. But if you already know you want to stick with local vaults and standalone licenses, you can click the lower link, like this:

    P.S. Let's make this clear: I can use the 1 password 4 with deselect Verify web browser code signatures

    Yes you can. But - to make things clear :) - this is specifically not recommended, for security reasons. Defeating browser code signature verification means you won't have that layer of protection, and you're intentionally lowering your security in order to enable using a legacy version of 1Password with the very latest version of Chrome. We can't in good conscience recommend people do that. That's why I mentioned that previously (and will continue to!) :)

    On your web-site is written: The last major update to 1Password 4 for Windows was in 2017 to allow it to continue working with modern browsers. It will only receive critical security updates in the future.

    That's correct. Changing the browser code cert to the latest one Google switched to isn't a security update, it would be a compatibility update. The new 1Password 7 for Windows has the new Chrome code signature cert, but 1Password 4 for Windows (because it is out-of-development and in legacy mode) does not (and won't). Upgrading to the latest Chrome version is a choice -- a good choice -- but so is upgrading to the current 1Password 7 for Windows.

    Hope that helps. :)

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