1p mini - major ux regression

I wanted to give it a few days, and I did. The new 1p mini seems to be a regression in every area I've use it for. Everything takes more clicks and some ui elements seem off.

For example, let's say I'm on a site and I want to enter my saved cc info. The left pane is gone - I see the weird dropdown that shows me what site it's showing. I say weird because this looks like a common tag element - which means i should be able to X it out or click to its right and hit backspace to remove it. It's not that though, it's a combo to show me my 1p category options and which site I'm on - two separate concerns that are not combined. So I change it to CC, enter that info, and now I'm still there, with more clicks required to travel around instead of just clicking in the old left panel that showed the categories.

Looks like I can't create a new password and just copy it anymore either, the only option is to save & copy. What if I just want it generated and don't want it saved? What if I'm creating a new account and don't want that form saved since it doesn't always capture the form fields I want?

These are just a few examples. The extension is actually upsetting to use now - I mention that not for a free therapy session or projecting some inner personal unrelated issue (I'm ok :D ) - but that it used to be such a pleasure to use. Most software is just that, but 1p has always been something that is so well designed and works so well that I can't help but smile at its functionality. (I hope this isnt taken to be too extreme or ridiculous, I'm just trying to provide more insight. I still love you all + here's another happy face to prove it: :D)

It's now faster and more convenient to use the main 1p app, not the extension. Please, please, please, reconsider this from the ground up. I'm not sure it needed such a drastic change anyways - you guys know better there I'm sure but please - if you must change its ux for featureset for some reason, please make sure every change is for the better and nothing is made more tedious.

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    Hi @panckreous,

    I'm sorry that 1Password Mini's new direction is upsetting to you. We received (both internally and externally) enough feedback about 1Password 7's Mini window that we wanted to make some changes. Obviously not everyone was unhappy with it, yourself included. Let me take you through the thinking behind the new design so that you'll know how we approached it.

    We wanted to make Mini really good at a few things: Getting contextual data out, and making a new password. We wanted to make it easy to find the things you'd want, right when you want them.

    That's why by default, when you're on a website or an app we show you suggestions appropriate for that website or app and that's it. The removal of visual clutter was an important step in building something focused on your data. That's why we moved towards putting the categories in a menu instead of a sidebar.

    It's certainly true that if the item you want is in another category, it might take an extra click or two to find it, but when that case comes up I'd like to challenge you give our Search a workout. The search field in mini is always ready for you; just start typing a few characters and the item you want should shoot right to the top of the list, no matter what category its in. Give that a try and let us know if you think of ways of making it even more powerful.

    The other great thing about Search is it remembers where you were when you started searching. Search for something, take the actions you need, then just hit escape and you'll be right back where you were.

    Copying a generated password without saving it is something I do too sometimes, but for most of our users not saving a password they've generated and copied could represent data-loss. We err on the side of saving things just in case. We're looking at other ways of representing a generated password history but we don't have anything to announce at this point. If you do run into a page that isn't capturing the correct fields, please let us know so we can look into it; other users are probably suffering from the same thing and we'd like to fix it for everyone.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and please keep the feedback coming. We want to build a Mini that will delight everyone.

    P.S. The thing that delights me most is dragging a password out of Mini and watching it fade out of the way, just in case where you want to drag it happens to be under the Mini window. :chuffed:

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