Feature Request: Self-Service-Portal for update cloud-gathered icons in 1P7

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The security enhancing icon gathering, which is used in 1Password 7 is really great thanks for this feature!
But I have found more and more icons which are missing, so my suggestion is to build a portal (or a button in 1P) to request an icon update.

Especially new websites like Floatplane from the LTT-Team just aren't in the library

I know this could bring up some problems, e.g. it increases you icon-database really fast or someone tries to DOS-attack it,
but if you make requests instead of a direct update you could look which pages would need an addition to the database or an update :+1:

Thanks, ~lumarel :chuffed:

1Password Version: 7.3.661
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 1809 17763.316
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Your best bet for requesting new icons, @lumarel, is actually just to e-mail us with a list (bonus points for including an icon you like). We maintain this database manually, for the moment, so while we technically have a request tracker, it would be tough to open it up right now. Also, in case you're not aware, you already can upload a custom icon if you find one is missing. This won't be shared with everyone – it's saved as part of your item – but it can help make your 1Password just a bit more visually appealing. To do that, edit the item in question, then click the default icon to upload a new one from your computer or clipboard. Save the item and you're set. :chuffed:

  • lumarel
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    Hi @bundtkate,

    Okay thanks I will request them per mail then :+1:
    ([email protected] right?)

    And really no problem if it is maintained like this up to now, it was more a request for the not so far future, so we can request updates easier and you don't have to do so much manual work :chuffed:
    Ah yeah I already use this for the custom icons on my internal login items, it works, it's great (really :chuffed: ), but I think for the most external sites it would be better if they already have a logo without me manually adding them :+1:

  • Just the standard [email protected] is best for new icons, @lumarel. This is a cross-platform repository and not maintained per platform (thank goodness) so we Windows folk aren't the ones that handle that and the general e-mail will get you to the right people faster. As for the future, that would be really awesome and I'd be surprised if it hasn't been pondered, but it's just one of those things that never seems to reach the top of the list. I think part of it is that the rich icons repository has its little fingers entwined in so many things that changing it at all is almost more work than continuing with the status quo. Of course, that's totally incorrect long term – time invested in automating will pay for itself given enough time – but that first step is tough. Hopefully someday. 🤞

  • lumarel
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    Okay for the next time, I already sent it to the other one ^^
    I definitely know what you mean.. Prioritization sometimes doesn't help if you try to remove some recurring tasks :unamused:

    So hopefully there is some time in the future :chuffed:

  • No worries, @lumarel. I found your e-mail and passed it along to the proper party. Thanks!

    And I know what you mean about prioritization. It's a constant battle between what needs to be done right now and what would really save time long term. If only that right now pile ever seemed to get any smaller, yea? :wink: Thanks for the list and enjoy your weekend! :chuffed:

  • lumarel
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    Okay, thanks for all @bundtkate :chuffed:

    You too! :chuffed:

  • You're welcome!

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