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We have multiple individual 1P teams subscriptions in our company. If moving all those to one Business subscription how that would be done in practise? I mean how to easily move several teams, with several vaults and passwords to one Business subscription? Manually export & import per team, per vault … ? Or is there e.g. some automated way to be offered to each team admin for the migration?

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  • Ben

    Hi @Mikri

    Because encryption keys don't cross membership lines there isn't an automated way to do this. I would recommend upgrading one of the existing teams to 1Password Business, creating accounts for everyone in that 1Password Business membership, and then having whoever is responsible for each vault migrate that vault over:

    Move and copy items | 1Password

    If you have further questions about how to orchestrate this I'd recommend reaching out to our business team at They'd be in the best position to point you to the appropriate resources. I hope that helps. Thanks!


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