Warning: Dates stored in 1Password are unreliable

I ran into a very scary 1Password bug that could have cost me a lot of money (and certainly many hours of lost time) if I hadn't noticed it in time.
TLDR: Do NOT trust any date information stored in 1Password (e.g. passport issue / expiry dates). If you need to store dates in 1Password, store them as PLAIN TEXT instead (e.g. in the "Notes" field).

I was filling in an important form which needed my international passport information. I store passport details in 1Password and was going to get the details from there. I noticed that my birthday was 1 day off - I thought nothing of it, just corrected it and copied the rest of the info. Luckily, I decided to double-check it against my actual physical passport. It turns out ALL the dates (passport issue and expiry dates) were wrong (off by a day). It would have been a very costly mistake for me to put incorrect information on the form.

I am guessing that this is due to a very common programming error - storing Date information as DateTime, and then adjusting it for timezones / daylight savings time. So if I am on the East coast and enter 2019-04-20 as the date, it actually stores it as 2019-04-20 12:00AM, and if I access this data from the West coast this turns it into 2019-04-19 09:00PM, which displays as 2019-04-19 - i.e. wrong (off by a day)!

1Password team: Could you please prioritize a fix for this? This is a data correctness issue and could lead to very costly mistakes. If what I put in is not the same thing as I get out, this fundamentally shakes my trust in 1Password as a system which I can entrust with my most important and sensitive data.

1Password Version: 7.3.657
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    I don't believe we save dates based on time zone at all, @wdrw, at least not now. In an effort to test this myself, I created a new item, then set my time zone to New Zealand (about as far away from my South Texas home as I could get) and restarted 1Password. The date/time modified for that item updated to show "local" time, but the dates remained the same, despite it presently being tomorrow in New Zealand. Is there a chance these are older items that might have been created either in an older version of 1Password for Windows or by another 1Password app? I don't at all doubt that this info is incorrect (and I'm sorry about that!) but I need to figure out why this is the case as the current version of 1Password appears to be handling these properly, at least with new items. Any insight you have about when these items were created and what 1Password app created them would be a great help in getting this reproduced so we can get it fixed up. Thanks! :chuffed:

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