Some sites will not launch at all from 1password in Win10 browsers. e.g.


When clicking on, in Win10 Chrome, this site will not launch at all from 1password. I did not try other browsers, but this should be fixed eventually. I want to let you know other sites when I meet the same problem. Thanks.

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OS Version: win 10
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  • I'm able to open the sign-in page from 1Password just fine, @vicsze. Could you possibly share the URL saved in your Login item? There's really not much to the open portion of open and fill – we just ask Windows to open the URL in your default browser – but there's some chance the URL might impact whether or not Windows is able to comply with our request.

  • vicsze
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    Thanks for the response. The website is It opens ok from 1password. But it does nothing (does no open website) when clicked on via Chrome Extension. (I just tried Firefox browser extension, and it works fine). So just the Win 10 Chrome extension does not work. I work mostly with Chrome browser.

  • Greg
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    Hi @vicsze,

    Could you please specify the exact name and the version of 1Password extension that you have in Chrome? It will be helpful. Thanks! :+1:


  • vicsze
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    Hi Greg: I looked in my Win 10 Chrome extension, and saw this below (cut/paste). I do not know/ recognize any unique "exact name" (if there are two or more (slightly different) names?) for a 1password extension; but I do see version number.

    [Extension Icon] 1Password extension (desktop app required)
    Extends the 1Password app on your Mac or Windows PC, so you can fill and save passwords in your browser.
    < 1 MB
    Read your browsing history
    Communicate with cooperating native applications.
    etc. etc.


  • I'm sorry, @vicsze, could you clarify what isn't working as expected here? It sounds to me like you're selecting a Login item from the 1Password extension in Chrome, then nothing is happening? Or is the site opening, but 1Password isn't filling for you? If you select a Login item from the Chrome extension while you're not currently viewing the site associated with that Login item, we'd expect the URL saved as part of that Login item to open. Assuming there is a sign-in form available on that page, we'd then expect 1Password to fill your username and password and sign you in. If you could let me know exactly where along that path things aren't going as expected, that would be a great help. Thanks! :chuffed:

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