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View after creating new record (iPhone)

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As a new user who recently switched from another password app, I'm enjoying many of the features of 1Password.

There is one behavior I've noticed on the iPhone app that is counter-intuitive.

Here is the scenario:
  1. I open up 1 Password and choose one of the Folders/Vaults.
  2. Assume the Vault is currently showing all the records starting with "A".
  3. I create a new record called "Test Account" and hit Save or Done.
  4. I'm not shown any confirmation page of the record, the view simply reverts back to showing me all the records starting with "A".

This is challenging since most users want to see the new record that they've just created to verify the data is correct. In addition, I often create a new record with some initial data then save quickly and then immediately re-edit to add additional info. The current behavior makes this very cumbersome -- I have to scroll (or search) to find the record I just entered. Plus since I never saw how the record was stored (under which name), it is possible to forget how I entered it! I know I just entered the info, but if I am creating a new note about my wife's bank account, did I enter it under her name or the bank's? The original record name I entered was on a separate screen and now I just entered a detailed note. I hit "Save" and poof, the view reverts back to another section of the vault.

After reading many posts, I see that AgileBits often recommends to create new records from the desktop app whenever possible. However, there are many situations where I find myself needing to create a new record on a mobile device.

My recommendations are:

1) After the user hits their final Save/Done, show them the final record they just entered. Then, allow them to edit that record again or return to the main view.

2) Be consistent and intuitive in the button names on the pages where new record info is entered. In Wallet and Software vaults, the interim button is labeled "Save" and the final confirmation button is labeled "Done". In Logins and Notes vaults, the buttons on all new entry pages are labeled "Save". It would be most intuitive for interim pages to be labeled "Next" and the final entry pages to be labeled "Save".



  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni
    Thanks for the additional feedback, tnormile! I'll make sure the developers see this as they are working on the next update. :)

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with in the meantime.

  • Thank you Khad.
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